Podcast Episode 013: Lymph – Key To Longevity

Podcast Episode 013: Lymph – Key To Longevity

September 22, 2014 | 71 minutes, 0 seconds

In Ayurveda, the lymph is known as rasa, which also means taste, emotion, juice (as in the juice of life), satisfaction, and love. These word associations reflect the potential of a healthy lymphatic system to foster a healthy physical, emotional and spiritual life. In the west, we are sadly never taught to care for the lymphatic system to keep it flowing and detoxifying properly. This power-packed hour-long podcast will fill in these gaps, giving you concrete steps to preserve your lymph and thrive in vibrant health and radiant well-being.

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Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia) is one of Ayurveda’s most popular blood purifiers that has been used for lymphatic support. Most health professionals don’t realize the important role of the lymphatic system, which drains the wastes from your body and controls and regulates your immune system. It is pumped through muscular contractions, so if one is sedentary, the lymphatic system will eventually become sedentary and will create toxicity in lymphatic related tissues such as breasts, skin, joints, and muscles. When the lymph system become sluggish, people complain of fatigue, exhaustion, skin conditions, sore throats, puffy hands and feet, and weight gain, to name a few symptoms. Manjistha is an herb that supports the natural function of the lymphatic system allowing nutrition to feed the cells and wastes to be removed from the body in an optimal fashion.

Lymph-Vein HP (High-Potency) contains well-researched, citrus-based flavonoids in a unique micronized form for enhanced absorption and bioavailability. Research suggests that these compounds support healthy veins, capillaries, and blood flow; promote healthy lymphatic drainage; and enhance antioxidant activity and the body’s normal response to inflammation. More recent research supports a role for the components of Lymph-Vein HP in maintaining blood glucose levels already within the normal range and, as a result, healthy kidney structure and function.

Brahmi, named after one of the highest states of consciousness (Brahman or God consciousness), Brahmi (Centella asiatica) is one of the most powerful brain tonics in the Ayurvedic apothecary. Via its cooling and rejuvenating properties, Brahmi Brain supports energy and mental clarity while simultaneously encouraging deep, restful sleep. Famous as a tonic for nerve and brain cells, cerebral circulation, memory, intestinal health, and sleep, Brahmi is revered as one of the most powerful and spiritual herbs in Ayurveda.

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