Ayurvedic Consultations with Dr. John

Ayurvedic consultations with Dr. John are aimed at uncovering the root cause of what ails the patient.

Traditionally, Ayurvedic diagnosis is made through careful listening to a detailed health history and/or a physical exam that involves evaluating the pulse and tongue. Both the health history and physical exam help to reveal underlying factors in the disease process.

Instead of giving a remedy for each symptom, Dr. Douillard diagnoses the fundamental imbalance that may be responsible for all of the symptoms. Therapies may include but are not limited to Ayurvedic herbs, diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, and stress prevention.

The personalized strategy you will receive in your consult will simplify, harmonize, and energize your life with actionable tools to reduce stress, balance weight, support moods, crave healthier foods, promote immunity, calm the mind, and enjoy more vitality.

In addition to these tools, you will learn how to effortlessly integrate new habits into your daily life.

Dr. John is a professional member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) and meets the currently established NAMA criteria for education and experience as a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner (CAP).

NAMA’s Ayurvedic Practitioner level is currently the highest recognized credential for an Ayurvedic Practioner in the United States. Dr. Douillard has been teaching and practicing Ayurveda since 1987 and does 10-20 consultations per week. He has given more than 60,000 Ayurvedic consultations and has gained the experience necessary to offer an accurate diagnosis and Ayurveda treatment via phone consultations.

Due to current restrictions relating to COVID-19 Dr. John will only be consulting with patients by Zoom or phone. No In-person appointments are available at this time.

50 minute Ayurvedic consult $280 (for new patients, we highly recommend a 50 minute consult)
25 minute Ayurvedic consult $140

You can book online anytime. Simply choose the type of consultation (Zoom or phone and 25 or 50 minutes), and the time that works best for you. Please note that appointment times are listed in Mountain Time. You will then need to create an account and pay for the appointment with your credit card. Once you book your appointment, you will receive an email with the new patient paperwork, or you can download the paperwork now. Please submit it to us as soon as possible.

You can also call us at (303) 516-4848 during our regular office hours to schedule your consultation. All appointments are payable in advance and will be fully refunded if cancelled more than 48 hours before the appointment is due to start. Please see below for our cancellation policy.
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48 Hr Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

If a patient cancels or reschedules less than 48 business hours before their appointment, there is a Cancellation fee of 50% of the scheduled appointment price, that will be subtracted from the over all consult price. For example, if your consult is on Monday at 10am, please call us by the Thursday  before at 10am to cancel or reschedule.

Is a Zoom/Phone Consultation Really as Good as In-Person?

Some people wonder whether a phone consultation is really as powerful as an in-person consultation. To answer this question, it’s important to illustrate that, according to Ayurveda, the sound of a voice beyond the content of what is said can be just as informative to an experienced therapist as the pulse reading or tongue coating exam. Dr. Douillard has extensive experience with phone and video consultations, and many patients choose to have phone and consults regularly as a vital part of their health maintenance routine.