Podcast Episode 147: Kundalini Yoga with Jai Dev Singh

Podcast Episode 147: Kundalini Yoga with Jai Dev Singh

June 5, 2024 | 69 minutes, 55 seconds

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In this episode of the Ayurveda Meets Modern Science podcast, host John Douillard, DC, CAP, welcomes Jai Dev Singh. Jai Dev Singh is a renowned teacher of Kundalini Yoga. He is the visionary founder of Life-Force Academy (LFA), a global school for the yogic arts, with students in over 120 countries. His work encompasses multifaceted training on Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda, and Yogic Astrology, forming the cornerstone of LFA’s unique approach to dharma practice. 

With an innate talent for guiding individuals on the path to harnessing their vital magnetism, Jai Dev’s teachings transcend mere instruction; they inspire the awakening of a joyful mind and the cultivation of a genuine sense of purpose. 

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What is Kundalini Yoga? 

Jai Dev describes Kundalini Yoga as the process of tuning an instrument. Tuning the mind and the body so we may think clearly and connect to our innate sense of purpose. 

During Kundalini Yoga, you combine exercise and poses with meditation systems including mantras and breathing. The combination of aerobic exercise and mediation techniques allow the body to stay satisfied and supple, while still reaching that meditative state of calm and clarity. If done correctly, it will train your body to stay calm and relaxed in high-stress environments both on and off the mat. 

Finding + Accessing Bliss

Dr. John and Jai Dev discuss the process of bringing the mind and body together into harmony to achieve a natural high. This subtle bliss will allow you to handle the bright joys of life as well as the devastating catastrophes. Life is a rollercoaster, and finding bliss will help smooth it out. If practiced correctly and often, Kundalini Yoga will help provide a level of clarity and silence with the movement and postures that help propel you into a life off the mat filled with more bliss. 

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