Podcast Episode 114: Ayurvedic Longevity Strategies Backed by Science

Podcast Episode 114: Ayurvedic Longevity Strategies Backed by Science

August 5, 2021 | 45 minutes, 18 seconds

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In this episode of the Ayurveda Meets Modern Science podcast, host John Douillard, DC, CAP, talks with Nick Mattos, faculty recruitment and engagement manager, from the Shift Network.

The Gut-Brain Connection

Ever wonder how strong the gut-brain connection is? Your gut and brain are always communicating. Your microbes control your brain, mood, and even immune system. This connection is stronger than we like to think, as your microbes can even control your cravings! By gaining control of your microbes, you can ultimately be positively influencing your chances of longevity.

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Rasayana (the Study of Longevity)

Rasayana is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda and is the study of longevity, anti-aging, and rejuvenation. There are four types of rasayana, the first being ahara, which has to do with food; vihara, having to do with lifestyle; acharya, which has to do with behavior; and aushadha, having to do with herbs.

All four types of rasayana aim to bring sattva, the idea of light, goodness, and purity, into your life. Living a sattvic lifestyle is known to attract increased happiness, better immunity, and even longevity.

The Power of Love and Unattachment

We live in a society that is extremely focused on monetary value. Nothing is wrong with having lavish things, but the ability to unlock the attachment to the items is a lesson, known as artha, that Ayurveda stresses.

It is key to take time in your day to appreciate and be grateful for the blessings and love that surround you, no matter how big or small. By following Ayurvedic longevity tips, you allow yourself the time to achieve the four Ayurvedic goals of life, the Purusharthas, one of which is artha.   

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Additional Resources for Longevity Strategies

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