Podcast Episode 087: Ayurvedic Psychology Free Intro

Podcast Episode 087: Ayurvedic Psychology Free Intro

June 3, 2019 | 49 minutes, 23 seconds seconds

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I am so excited to introduce my new Yoga Journal course, Ayurveda 201: Six Weeks to Transformation + Bliss through Ayurvedic Psychology. In the course, Larissa Hall Carlson (former dean of Kripalu school of Ayurveda) and I will guide you through weekly yoga, breathing, meditation, Ayurveda, and Ayurvedic psychology techniques to shed unwanted patterns of behavior that lie at the root of our mental, emotional, and physical health challenges.

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In this podcast, I go through what you can expect in the course + answer some common questions I have been receiving about the online course.

Ayurveda 201 Quick Facts:

  • No pre-requisite
  • Self-paced course to experience on YOUR timeline
  • This course qualifies for 20 non-contact continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance

A Glimpse of Ayurveda 201:

  • Week One: Determine your emotional mind-body types and identify what areas of your life are more tamasic (dense, depressed, or fearful) or rajasic (addicted to stimulation or reward). Once determined, we can then take aim at these unwanted mental and emotional behaviors and free ourselves from them.
  • Week Two: The annamaya kosha, or physical body, is purified by resetting digestion and balancing vata, pitta, and kapha with Ayurveda and yoga. If the body is out of balance, little self-awareness can be established or maintained.
  • Week Three: We examine the pranamaya kosha, the energy sheath that connects body and mind. Here, the movement of subtle energy with yoga and breathing is key to move life-force or prana into both body and mind. Only when prana is moving fully into mind and body can we be fully self-aware.
  • Week Four: We find ways to purify the manomaya kosha, the mental sheath, which is where we hold in old mental and emotional patterns of behavior.
  • Week Five: The vijnanamaya kosha is the discernment sheath, the sheath of transformational action. Here, with the body in balance, the prana moving freely, and the mind no longer attached to its protective emotions, we begin to take transformational action to free ourselves from old patterns of behavior that have taken root as physiological imbalance.
  • Week Six: The anandamaya kosha is the bliss sheath. We pull all the tools together and help deepen self-awareness, while making more profound transformational action steps. The goal is to allow the ananda or bliss to feel safe to open the delicate petals of its flower and lets its true nature out into every aspect of the body, mind, and spirit.

Start your Vedic psychology journey by signing up here + use code JDOUILLARD for 25% off!

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