Podcast Episode 037: Children’s Success with Child Development Expert Jeff Cheley

Podcast Episode 037: Children’s Success with Child Development Expert Jeff Cheley

November 2, 2015 | 66 minutes, 33 seconds

Science tell us that our unconscious mind, which develops during childhood, controls 95% of the things we think, do, say and feel. (1) The bottom line is that we all carry childlike unconscious patterns of behavior (whether good or bad), which seep into our adult lives and relationships, and affect our reactions and the decisions we make.

Understanding who you have become and who your children are becoming as a result of these unconscious behaviors is the key to success, joy, love and living a content life as a child or adult. Join me in this podcast as I dig deep into:

  • How to create a fearless child.
  • The powerful role you can play in your child’s development.
  • The changes we can make today to improve our adult relationships and our children’s lives.
  • How our society has gotten much of how we parent today wrong and how easy it is to fix.
  • How a nature deficiency disorder can derail your child’s dreams and potential.

My guest, Jeff Cheley, is the director of Cheley Colorado Camps, where they have been teaching children life skills, leadership and young adult development since 1921. I have sent five of my six children to Cheley camp, and I feel compelled to share with you all the transformation that can happen when kids are in nature, trusting each other and feeling safe to reveal their true selves. In 1921 this was needed, and in 2015, our kids are in desperate need of friends they can trust permanently, sealed with nature’s non-technological glue.

For more info about Cheley Colorado Camps, click here.

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