The Confusing World of Eating, Dieting and Cleansing

The Confusing World of Eating, Dieting and Cleansing

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With chronic disease responsible for two-thirds of the deaths worldwide (4), four billion pounds of toxic chemicals being introduced into the environment each year (1), and over one-third of the population now considered obese (3) with 60-70% of them complaining of a digestive problem… I think it is safe to say we have a crisis.

As consumers, we watch the “diet” battles rage on trying to determine if a low-fat or a low-carb diet is best. Today, the accepted notion is that carbs and grains are the cause of just about everything, including obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. The science, however, tends to disagree.  In one study, a group of obese adults had their fat intake cut by 800 calories for one week and then their carb intake cut by 800 calories for another week, and the results were surprising. The low-fat diet, not the low-carb diet, actually produced greater body fat loss. (5)

To make the current fad even more confusing, grains, like wheat, have been shown in many studies to actually reduce the risk of both diabetes and Alzheimer’s (6,7,13), so the confusion continues!

Ayurvedic Logic

It’s hard to ignore the logic of nature, which delivers in its seasonal harvest a high-protein, high-fat diet from the fall-winter harvest, a low-fat diet from the spring harvest and a high-carb diet from the summer harvest. Soon the diet wars may end, as the emerging science on the microbiome may force us to be logical — and eat with the seasons, although I might be being optimistic here.

carrots in soil

Here is what we know: Soil microbes change from one season to the next. These soil microbes attach to plants that we eat and become our new gut microbes with each change of the season. (8) These new seasonal microbes support functions for the body to antidote the seasonal extremes. For example, certain microbes in the winter help us digest heavy grains that have been eaten for 3.4 million years and counting. (10) Spring foods help decongest the body, and summer foods help cool the body to endure the summer’s heat. Deer, in one report, can actually die from indigestion if they eat out of season (9), but we, as humans, seem oblivious to this connection to nature. (Likely due to having nearly every food at our fingertips at all times of the year in grocery stores.)

To make eating seasonally easy for everyone, we have created an array of seasonal eating tools you do not want to miss, and most of them are free!

  1. The 3-Season Diet Challenge – a free monthly seasonal eating guide that comes to your inbox each month. >>>Learn more here
  2. The SpringSummer and Winter Seasonal Grocery Lists from my book, The 3-Season Diet, also available on my site for free.
  3. The newest edition of the Colorado Cleanse book is available now! It is greatly expanded with a Seasonal Cookbook with over 85+ pages of detailed cleanse recipes with simple modifications for year-round enjoyment. I have been asked to write an Ayurvedic cookbook for years and I finally did: Colorado Cleanse 4.0 + Seasonal Cookbook.

Ayurvedic Cleansing

If we were able to eat solely seasonal foods, we would not have to think about cleansing, but for many folks, it is quite a difficult task. It might look something like eating grains, meat, nuts, seeds and some fermented veggies in the winter, depending on where you lived. Spring would be more austere with root veggies and teas and early spring greens, and summer would come as a great relief with numerous veggies and fruits to choose from.

With 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals being dumped into the environment each year and 60-70% of the population having digestive troubles, this is a recipe for disaster. We can process many of these toxins naturally, but it requires a healthy and strong digestive system to navigate around this toxic world. The ability to detox well is dependent on the ability to digest well. Resorting to taking hard-to-digest foods out of the diet, like wheat and dairy, for example, is a sign of a weakening digestive system.

This is why I created the Colorado Cleanse. Each time the seasons change, nature offers us the opportunity to re-boot our digestive and detox strength and flush out some of the lingering toxins that may be stored in our fats cells and congesting our lymphatic system.

This has become more urgent with the new research, which found that over 3 pounds of brain toxins, such as beta-amyloid plaque, are flushed each year through tiny lymphatic vessels in the brain. That is the entire weight of your brain in toxins dumped from your brain each year! (11) These nasty toxins will only be flushed if those lymphatic vessels are healthy and not congested. Congestion in the lymph starts from a weakened digestive system and is linked to mood, cognitive, digestive and chronic health concerns.

Ground zero, and what determines our natural ability to digest and detoxify through the lymphatic system, is the health of our intestinal skin. If you were to flatten out all the villi of the intestines, it would cover an entire tennis court. That is A LOT of extra surface area for us to be able to digest and detoxify with. The intestinal skin is much like an air filter that can easily get dirty and break down, but we cannot fully replace the intestinal skin. If it breaks down, so do we. New studies have linked increased oxidative stress associated with aging to the breakdown of the lymphatics that surround the digestive system. (12)

Maintaining youthful intestinal skin is not an impossible task, but it does require some care. Doing the Colorado Cleanse or our 4-day Short Home Cleanse (free eBook)regularly is a simple way to ensure optimal digestion, healthy intestinal skin, better lymphatic drainage and the restoration of the ability to naturally detox and protect yourself from the toxic world we live in.

Caring for the intestinal skin is not a new concept. It has been a major goal of Ayurveda for over 5000 years, and it is the main premise of the Colorado Cleanse.  >>>Learn more about the Group Colorado Cleanse here.


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