Spring Cleansing for the Body, Mind + Soul

Spring Cleansing for the Body, Mind + Soul

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Are You Healthy?

How is your health? If it’s not perfect, you’re not alone. Overall, there are some concerning widespread health issues in this country.

Some Scary Statistics

  • Nearly 40% of the workforce regularly experiences fatigue!1
  • More than half of the population lives with recurring pain!2
  • 61% of Americans live with GI discomfort!3
  • 79% of Americans are afflicted by stress!4
  • 35% of the population regularly gets less sleep than they should!5
  • Nearly 20% of Americans live with anxiety!6

As you see, the human condition is fragile. Staying healthy, happy, and pain-free in a human body seems no easy task. Sadly, Western medicine has invested in sickness rather than health to the tune of $1.1 trillion per year in direct costs of chronic illness. This is about 20% of the US gross national product when lost productivity is considered.7

Thankfully, Ayurvedic science has passed the test of time and much of its wisdom of focusing on being healthy, preventing imbalances, and extending life is now backed by modern science.

According to Ayurveda, 85% of all disease starts in the digestive system. For example, our ability to process the 400 billion pounds of toxins dumped into the American environment each year depends on a strong and healthy digestive system.8

These toxins can overwhelm the digestive system and find their way into the lymphatic system, which is trying to accomplish the following.

Roles of Lymphatic System

  1. Carry and support immune system
  2. Detoxify undigested, toxic fats and proteins
  3. Deliver good fats as baseline energy to every cell to fight fatigue

The lymphatic system, rasa, is the first and most important system addressed in Ayurveda. The study of lymph, called rasayana, is Ayurveda’s study of longevity.

 dewey dandelions

Circadian Spring Cleaning

Circadian medicine (now Noble Prize-winning science) stresses the importance of living in harmony with nature. This is Ayurveda’s namesake. It breaks down to: ayur=life + veda=knowledge, meaning that Ayurveda is the study of all life in nature.

The most powerful cycle in nature is the seasons, which motivate birds to fly south, whales to migrate and leaves to fall. Each time the season changes is an opportunity to reset digestion and detoxify the organs, which are easily bogged down by stress, toxins, and bad food. Ayurvedic doctors designed seasonal rejuvenation and cleansing strategies that turn on the digestive fire and cleanse the liver and gall bladder while flushing lymphatic toxins and strengthening the protective lining of the digestive system. 

Once the digestive and detox functions are replenished, the body is put into a gentle detox process that recognizes how delicate the intestinal lining is and how easily it can become imbalanced. Ayurvedic cleansing without the use of harsh herbs or chemicals recognizes the importance and delicate nature of the intestinal environment for the health and integrity of the microbiome, called krimi in Ayurveda.

Ghee + Gut

Remember, Ayurveda described the intestines as the seat of the mind thousands of years ago—something Western medicine is now only beginning to understand. The recent discovery of the microbiome was described as invisible harmful and non-harmful microbes and its importance was well understood.9

Ayurvedic understanding of how to care for the digestive system, remove harmful toxins, and proliferate beneficial microbes in the gut is extraordinary. Using ghee during a cleanse is one example. Ghee is the highest food source of butyric acid, and we now know that there are many microbes in the gut that literally make butyric acid (ghee). 

Learn all the amazing science of why cleansing with ghee is so revolutionary.

Ghee Spoon

Why Cleanse with Ghee

  1. In numerous studies on Ayurvedic detox, ghee is found to attach to and remove heavy metals, pesticides, and environmental pollutants for weeks after a cleanse.11
  2. In addition, ghee supports health and integrity of the intestinal wall, as cells of the colon use butyric acid as their preferred energy source.10
  3. Research has shown that patients with imbalanced digestive tracts do not produce enough butyric acid and have low levels of fatty acids or related oils in the gut.10
  4. Studies also have shown that production of butyric acid supports gut-associated lymph tissue (GALT), which many experts believe delivers up to 70% of the body’s immunity.10
  5. Interestingly, butyrate enemas and treatments are now used for many gut-related health issues. In Ayurveda, enemas using ghee, which of course is loaded with butyrate, have been used for thousands of years. 

Reset Your Digestive + Detox Clock This Spring

At LifeSpa, we have three Ayurvedic cleanses available this spring:

  1. Short Home Cleanse is an easy 4-day ghee and kitchari cleanse and digestive reset. Download the free eBook here.
  2. Guided Colorado Cleanse is a 14-day Ayurvedic ghee and kitchari cleanse and digestive reset we offer twice a year. The next one is April 2-15, 2019. You receive daily emails, lectures, Q&A support with Dr. John, access to our forum with cleansers from around the world, and much more.
  3. Anytime Colorado Cleanse: If our Guided Colorado Cleanse timing does not match up with yours, then choose the Anytime Colorado Cleanse and follow self-guided instructions in our new revised book Colorado Cleanse with Seasonal Cookbook

Cleansing and resetting in the spring is one of the hallmarks of Ayurveda. Show your body some love and make your seasonal transitions as beneficial as possible. 

Colorado Cleanse Spring Group


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