Podcast Episode 081: Can Water Be Healing? Gerald Pollack, PhD

Podcast Episode 081: Can Water Be Healing? Gerald Pollack, PhD

November 27, 2018 | 69 minutes, 55 seconds

We all know that water can be a liquid, solid, or a gas, but inside of our cells and in certain places in nature, there is a fourth phase of water. This phase is a gel state that is made up of hexagonal, crystal-like structures.

This fourth phase of water discovered by my guest, Professor Gerald Pollack, author of the book, The Fourth Phase of Water, has newly identified properties suggesting water “of the right kind” may be the healing waters that have been praised throughout the course of history.

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Ancient Wisdom Discovered Magic Water

We all grew up knowing that water can be a liquid, a solid (like ice), or a gas (like steam), but, more than a half-century ago, scientists discovered what is called “the fourth phase of water,”1, 2 a crystalline, hexagonal gel-like substance that scientists believe may be linked to the origin of life and numerous health benefits.1

We all know that the body is made primarily of water. Every cell is filled with water—but it is not just any kind of water that fills our cells: it is the fourth phase of water. Univeristy of Washington professor Dr. Gerald Pollack describes this new water in his book The Fourth Phase of Water as EZ or Exclusion Zone water.2

Here’s how it works: if you put water in a container that is hydrophilic (likes water) so the water spreads rather than beads up, something amazing happens. Right next to the hydrophilic surface (like a drinking glass or our cell wall), a layer of purified, negatively charged water appears. Add light and this purified water layer grows, pushing out the positively charged water particles and other impurities. This layer of purified negatively charged water is called the EZ layer or the Exclusion Zone, suggesting that in this layer all particulates and impurities are excluded.

This is the water inside of our cells and inside of the cells of plants. Life seems to have its own water purification system that makes sure the cells are hydrated with the purest form of water available. In humans this process is driven by photosynthesis—something we only thought happened in plants.

Human Photosynthesis

In plants, the sun breaks H2O molecules apart into positively charged H⁺ molecules and negatively charged OH− molecules. This first step of photosynthesis also happens in humans! Water is split into positively (H⁺) and negatively charged (OH−) molecules. Infrared light seems to be one of the main triggers for this process. Infrared light exists everywhere on earth. Night vision goggles work by picking up the infrared light in the dead of night. So: we are making EZ water 24/7.

Once the water in your body is separated into positively and negatively charged molecules, you have the makings of a battery that can deliver vast amounts of energy in the body.

Once this water finds itself up against a water-loving surface like your cell wall, the negatively charged OH− layer grows, pushing out all the positively charged H⁺ molecules as a way of purifying the water in the cell and setting up an electrical potential. If you put one end of a wire in the OH− water right next to the glass (hydrophilic layer) and the other end in the H⁺ water in the middle of the glass, you can measure an electrical charge or energy!

This electrical charge has been considered by many scientists for decades to be the spark of life. When our cells are dehydrated, toxic, sedentary, and full of dead processed foods, we lose the EZ water and the cell fills up with toxic water.

Many studies are now measuring the therapeutic effect of creating more EZ water in the body. University of Washington Professor Dr. Pollack discusses many of these findings in my MUST-WATCH podcast interview with him.

Fill Up With EZ Water

Filling the body and its cells with EZ water is a natural phenomenon. Every plant cell is filled with EZ water. Eating a predominantly plant-based diet gives us a lot of access to EZ water. Juicing fruits and veggies releases the EZ water from the plant cells, so we are drinking mostly readymade EZ water. This may explain why juicing makes folks feel so good.

Dr. Pollack explains that saunas are loaded with infrared light and are a great resource to help the body convert regular water into purified EZ water. This is another reason why sunlight is critical for our health, as it ignites human photosynthesis (or at least that first step of breaking neutral water into positively and negatively charged particles).

Exercise is another great resource: it makes us sweat and breathe heavily, which both drive out positively charged particles (protons), detoxing and purifying the body and making way for more EZ water. Sweat is mostly made of salt (NaCl), which is positively charged. And when we breathe out CO2, it combines with H2O to create H2CO3, or positively charged carbonic acid.

Dr. Pollack has measured many substances to see what might best boost the body’s production of EZ water. We might all guess that alkaline water (which has a higher pH and higher negative charge) would automatically be loaded with EZ water. Interestingly, his findings here were inconsistent!

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Top EZ Water Producers

According to Dr. Pollack’s research, two herbs are extremely powerful EZ water producers:

  1. Turmeric
  2. Tulsi Holy Basil

While these were powerful EZ water producers, he found that ghee (clarified butter) was far and away the most powerful EZ producer measured so far. Again, I marvel of how the Ayurvedic doctors so many thousands of years ago figured out that boiling off butter’s milk solids creates something so amazing for human health. Coconut water and coconut oil were also effective EZ water producers.

Learn more about the amazing properties of ghee here!

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