Staff Picks: Turmeric and Honey for Immune Support!

Staff Picks: Turmeric and Honey for Immune Support!

So, a nasty virus has been going around town for the last few weeks and I caught it. I felt all of the preliminary symptoms but was arrogant enough to think my immune system could just kick it without taking any immune support. Boy was I wrong.

I had symptoms that changed daily, and it still wasn’t looking up by the end of the first week, which is unprecedented for me – I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t over a cold within 24 hours. Luckily, I remembered an old remedy for immune support. Turmeric powder mixed with honey. I always feel like an alchemist or some magician when I get to mix herbs, so that might be part of the appeal to me.

This is super simple alchemy though, no complicated distillers and such needed. Just mix 1 part Turmeric to 1.5-2 parts honey until you get a paste that’s not too grainy. Then, you can eat a spoonful of the paste and swallow it with warm water. I always like to use LifeSpa’s Turmeric Spice Mix because the pepper in the mix triples or quadruples the effectiveness.

I was taking 3 spoonfuls with every meal, and within 2 days I was completely better. This is one of the best remedies I know for colds. I end up taking more turmeric when I take it as the paste instead of in capsules, so I really appreciate this method when I’m sick. I continued taking Turmeric Plus capsules for a few days afterward just to build up my immune system again. I chose the capsules for the rebuild because they are much more convenient than a paste to take to work with you.

Wishing you a quick recovery,

LifeSpa Staff

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Dr. John

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