Goodbye 2020, Hello New Year: Clear Toxic Emotions and Habits with our 4-Day Cleanse (Free eBook)

Goodbye 2020, Hello New Year: Clear Toxic Emotions and Habits with our 4-Day Cleanse (Free eBook)

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The Stress of the Holidays (and 2020)

We all love a good end-of-year holiday break, but does that holiday break love us? While full of joy, the holidays can also deliver a heavy dose of emotional stress and unhealthy holiday food and drink that can take their toll on our health.

In fact, studies have shown there is a significant rise in death rates around Christmas and New Year’s Day. Heart-related problems have become so common during this period, they’re now called “Merry Christmas Coronaries” and “Happy New Year Heart Attacks”!1,2

Then add political unrest and a pandemic to the mix.

Starting Anew with the 4-Day Short Home Cleanse

But with 2020 now in our rear-view mirrors, it’s time to renew, rebuild, and rejuvenate our minds, bodies, and spirits. It’s time to heed the lessons shared by ancient cultures.

From the Ayurvedic perspective, the beginning of a new cycle represents an opportunity to be more introspective and self-aware and clear out toxic food, emotions, and excess weight. In other words, we get to push the refresh button.

A Much-Needed Physical Cleanse

The scientific community calls the type of detox we do in Ayurveda lipophilic mediated detoxification, in which good fats attach to bad fats. We call it oleation and purgation. A healthy fat, like ghee (clarified butter), is used to attach to fat-soluble toxic substances from foods, chemicals, and the environment. Studies have found that this ancient process can detoxify the body of heavy metals, pesticides, and preservatives that have been stored in fat cells for years.4-6

In 2019, the Environmental Protection Agency reported that some 70 million tons of pollution was dumped into the American atmosphere. Mercury from coal-fired power plant plumes are inhaled daily. Your body responds by asking your liver and digestive organs to break down this heavy metal and other pollutants.

Ayurveda suggests regular detoxification to remove toxic substances that have built up in your tissues—a tradition practiced for thousands of years, before the industrial age of pollution.8

A Well-Deserved Emotional Cleanse

In the 1990s, a researcher from the National Institutes of Health named Dr. Candice Pert discovered molecules of emotion, or mental ama from the Ayurvedic perspective.9

She discovered that a certain stable of peptides would carry emotional signals and store them as pre-recorded stress responses in different parts of the brain and body. In Ayurveda, these recordings are called tarpaka kapha. From an evolutionary perspective, they are impressions that are remembered in order to preserve the species. But these aren’t the only things that get locked away in our bodies. Emotional traumas are also stored, causing unwanted and repetitive emotional patterns or behaviors that can cause a variety of health concerns, depending on your genetic predisposition.10

There is a link between physical and mental detoxification. The physical Ayurvedic detox method we use in the Short Home Cleanse–lipophilic mediated detoxification–has been linked to improved mood and emotional health.4-6 In a 2015 study published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, detoxing heavy metals boosted mood and emotional wellbeing.11

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Maximize Your Mind-Body Short Home Cleanse

The Short Home Cleanse is a four-day detox program that involves ingesting sequentially higher doses of ghee (or an alternative) while eating a simple mono diet of a rice and bean soup called kitchari. The comprehensive Short Home Cleanse ebook guide is free.

Learn more about the 4-Day Short Home Cleanse here. 

Just follow these three simple steps to get started:

Step One: Download the free Short Home Cleanse ebook and follow the instructions.

Step Two: Download the Kaya Kalpa free ebook and follow the Self-Inquiry Guide during the 4-Day Short Home Cleanse to free yourself from old unwanted patterns of behavior.

Step Three: Follow the Kaya Kalpha breathing and nasya practices to raise your vibration and cleanse molecules of emotion and tarpaka kapha-based mental ama during the Short Home Cleanse.

Let’s put 2020 behind us and have a Happy New Year!

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  1. Reading a book written in 1903, Adolf Just book called Back to Nature, extremely dedicated to health thru useing a bath ritual I have never heard of but makes Perfect sense!!!! Thought of you reading this, there’s so much common sense , taken from nature, people are Really lost and so full of sickness, diseases. This man was fully dedicated to have found so many truths, and sharing them. Just had to send this your way, many thanks for your warm heart and info. Thank you, Camille


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