8 Signs You Need a Cleanse this Fall

8 Signs You Need a Cleanse this Fall

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(Seasonal) Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

According to the Caraka Samhita, Ayurveda’s primary text, the start of most health concerns begin at the change of seasons—which is called ritusandhi, or the gap between seasons (ritu=season and sandhu=gap).

This is why most Ayurvedic cleanses and detox programs happen as the season transitions to either fall or spring.

The signs in the list below help you assess whether you might benefit from an Ayurvedic cleanse this fall.

Seasonal Change and Immunity

According to the science of ritusandhi, if we don’t make seasonal transitions in a graceful and balanced manner, we’ll carry the properties of one season into the next—a primary cause of the accumulation, aggravation, and imbalance of the doshas (vata, pitta, and kapha).

For example, as summer ends, the properties of pitta, or heat, can accumulate in fall and winter and begin to dry out the body.

The mucous membranes that line the intestinal and respiratory tracts are the body’s first responders against any immune events. Keeping the mucous membranes from getting too dry is paramount for a healthy immune response every winter.

Heat also rises and can bring excessive dryness into your head, neck, and sinuses. This rising heat, called udvarta in Sanskrit, means upward-moving digestion.

With end-of-summer pollen, pollutants, and accumulated heat—all of which can irritate mucous membranes—there is a perfect storm for a host of pitta-related imbalances throughout the body.

Most common are dry sinuses, sore throats, hay fever, cold sores, heartburn, irritability, and a greater risk of catching a cold, along with upward-moving digestive issues such as bloat, gas, indigestion, and occasional constipation and heartburn. (An another example of this year-round, is when children have a fever and often get diarrhea to dissipate that heat.)

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8 Signs You May be Unbalanced, and at Risk of Getting Sick, as Summer Turns to Fall

1. You’re suffering from seasonal allergies right now.

2. You experience occasional heartburn or indigestion in late summer and fall.

3. You’re having slow or dry bowel movements this time of year.

4. This is the time of the year that you’re more vulnerable to getting cold sores.

5. You’ve noticed that your skin, hair, nails, and sinuses are beginning to dry out as summer ends and we transition into fall.

6. You’re more irritable or short-tempered this time of year.

7. You’ve caught a cold in the last few weeks.

8. You’re experiencing more weight gain and abdominal bloat as summer ends.

Even if you answered “yes” to just one of the above, please make the following lifestyle adjustments now to prevent any winter immunity woes.

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Solution One: Eat Seasonally

If you are experiencing any of the above, then it’s not too late to make a healthy and successful transition into fall.

To follow nature’s seasonal harvest, try increasing your intake of leafy greens. Seasonal fruits, like apples, watermelons, and pomegranates, have a powerful effect on cooling and mitigating the accumulation of pitta during the transition from summer to fall.

See LifeSpa’s Summer Grocery List for shopping ideas and you can get monthly seasonal recipes and eating tips with LifeSpa’s FREE 3-Season Diet Guide.  

Solution Two: Ayurvedic Cleansing

In addition to seasonal diet changes, Ayurveda puts great emphasis on cleansing in both the spring and fall, which can help move excess heat from the body.

The best way to do this is through flushing the intestinal tract through a process called purgation. This happens quite naturally in nature at the end of every summer.

For example, bears gorge on berries and apple farmers in the Northeast and Northwest gorge on apple everything—from apple pie to applesauce to apple juice, cider, and apple butter. Farmers consume so many apples during late summer and early fall, they walk around with loose bowel movements.

In fact, apples, along with other fruits harvested at the end of summer, are purgatives that cause loose motion in almost all mammals. This was the best way for fruit to spread its seed. For us humans, it was the best way to remove heat from the body as we prepare for winter.

At LifeSpa, we recommend cleanses during the seasonal changes from winter to spring and from summer to fall.

A fall seasonal cleanse is critical for healthy mucous membranes, which are responsible for a healthy and robust immune system.

This fall, try either a 14-day digestive reset and lymphatic detox called the Colorado Cleanse or a 4-day detox call the Short Home Cleanse to make sure that you transition successfully from summer to fall and maintain a healthy immune system this winter.

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