Distance Does Not Disconnect Us: Understanding Consciousness

Distance Does Not Disconnect Us: Understanding Consciousness

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The Cell Membrane

Primitive cells figured out that if they joined forces and became communities, they had a better chance of survival. Survival depended on the ability to be aware of and adjust to an ever-changing world.

Awareness of the outside world came from the cell membrane: the skin of the cell that is constantly interacting with the outside world. The more cell membrane, the more cellular awareness. Demand for greater cellular awareness drove cells to group together into communities. The more cells in a community, the larger the cumulative cell membrane and, thus, a greater awareness and chance of survival.1

Surprisingly, the cell membrane, not the nucleus, is the brains. In studies where cells were denucleated, they lived a long, healthy life. Without a nucleus, the only thing cells could not do was reproduce, suggesting that daily operations and adaptations to the environment come from the cell membrane.1

Over a few billion years, the cell membrane, or “awareness membrane,” has become our skin, both inside and outside. Skin is derived from the same tissue like the brain and nervous system, which we usually think of as the primary drivers of awareness.1

Clearly, humans have survived because of our very sophisticated means of staying aware of our environment, but just how aware we have become might surprise you.

We Are All Connected

In 1993, the US Army commissioned a study to determine how aware we are emotionally. They scraped white blood cells from the mouths of volunteers and monitored the cells and the volunteers separately with polygraph (lie detector) probes.

When volunteers were exposed to violent videos, researchers measured extreme excitation in their mouth cells, even though they were in a test tube down the hall. Amazingly, they saw a similar response when the test tubes were moved 50 miles away!2

In another study, one person interacted with another and then they separated into chambers down the hall from each other. When one of the paired subjects was exposed to 100 flashes of light, the two partners demonstrated the same EEG brainwave activation.3

Science suggests that we do, in fact, interact on a quantum level with each other and that we have evolved a state of awareness far more sophisticated than we may realize.

Tapping into and refining these awareness skills is the purpose of Ayurveda, realized through techniques such as yoga, breathing, and meditation. As we refine our collective awareness, we can live longer, healthier lives and grow into our human potential.

Science Sheds Light on Just How Aware We Really Are!

New research suggests that biophotons act as subtle energy carriers that function as non-contact, non-chemical cell-to-cell communication light particles stored in healthy DNA, which can communicate over long distances within and outside the body.4

We constantly emit biophotons and our skin is a biophoton-trapping system, suggesting that we both emit and receive biophotons through our skin.

New research suggests biophotons can be altered by intention, carried over long distances, and have therapeutic effects when the intention is applied, as seen in studies with yoga and meditation.4-7

Stay tuned for more research on how biophotons are involved in healing!


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