Using Intentional Meditation for Distance Healing

Using Intentional Meditation for Distance Healing

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Does Distance Healing Work?

Distance healing using intention has been practiced for thousands of years in early medical systems like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is still extremely popular today. In the year 2000, there were 14,000 distance healers in practice in the UK—far more than those who were practicing complementary alternative medicine. While the science community typically frowns on the metaphysical, the research on distance healing with intention is mounting. In this article, I share the emerging science, along with a distance healing meditation backed by both ancient wisdom and modern science.

Many researchers have designed studies to put distance healing and prayer practices to the test. In one review of 23 studies, which encompassed almost 3000 patients, 57% of the studies resulted in statistically significant results.

To rule out the placebo effect, a double-blind randomized control study on 40 AIDS patients was performed. Each of them received either distance healing or a control (no distance healing) for 10 weeks. The patients were not aware of whether or not they were receiving healing. The healers were located across the United States, but the subjects and healers never met. The subjects received psychometric testing and blood work before the start of the study, and then again 6 months later. The group that received distance healing experienced significantly fewer new AIDs-defining illnesses, lower illness severity, and fewer doctors’ visits and days of hospitalization compared to the control group. The distance healing group also experienced significantly improved moods compared to the control group, even though they never knew they were the ones receiving the distance healing. You may be wondering—how could this be possible. The answer may lie inside our cells, with biophotons.

Is it Possible to Heal with the Light of Biophotons?

Inside the cells of the human body, ultra-weak photon emissions are released from our DNA at a rate of thousands per second. These photon emissions are called biophotons. They are known to carry information, as well as our thoughts, inside the body. The body also transmits and receives biophotons that act like sub-atomic carrier pigeons that can carry information, intention, and healing at great distances. Emerging studies are now suggesting that the mechanism for distance healing and healing prayer may be biphotons.

Reiki healing is known as an energy healing method that involves laying hands on a patient’s body. In one study, participants were given either Reiki therapy or sham therapy for ten minutes, three days in a row, with the intention to heal their pain from intervertebral disc degeneration. Compared to the sham therapy, the group receiving Reiki therapy experienced increased collagen II and aggrecan (responsible for joint hydration). The mechanism for this healing was linked to increased biophoton emissions.

Studies have also linked biophotons to the healing and repair of damaged or distressed neurons, as well as nearby neurons called bystander neurons. They have been shown to repair cell membranes, restore homeostasis or balance in the body, restore normal cell function as well as induce cell growth and division.

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Intentional Distance Healing with the Light of Biophotons

In addition to being a top contender for energy healing like Reiki, biophotons are also indicated in distance healing. Bókkon’s hypothesis suggests that biophotons can be altered by intention. In one early study, people using intentional visual imagery showed an increase in biophoton emissions, compared to when they did not engage in visualization. They also saw increased brain wave power during visualization as compared to no visualization. Another study concluded that “the emission of light particles (biophotons) seems to be the mechanism through which an intention produces its effects.” These biophoton emissions produced in an individual’s brain have been measured to boost biophotons in the brains of another volunteer in a separate room. The same phenomenon was seen even in cells, where the release of biophotons from a cell culture in one room caused the release of biophotons in a cell culture in another room.

In a 2006 study on the power of intention, some 2000 people in Tokyo focused positive intention on water samples stored in an electromagnetically shielded room in California. As a blind control, another group of water samples was stored in a different, undisclosed location. Both samples were exposed to colder temperatures to create ice crystals that were evaluated for aesthetic appeal by 100 independent judges. The water samples in the treated California storage facility received higher scores for aesthetic appeal than the untreated control group. This supports the possibility that positive intentions could have an effect on the way the ice crystals form.

In a double-blind study, the healing effect of compassionate intention was evaluated on a group of cancer patients. Over three months, researchers studied thirty-six couples, in which one person was a cancer patient and the other either performed daily distance healing with intention or did no healing as a control. They found that directed intention was associated with a beneficial activation of the cancer patient’s autonomic nervous system.

The Science and Ancient Wisdom Behind Distance Healing Meditation

Before I teach the Distance Healing Meditation, I must describe the mechanism as it is understood in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, the cause of the disease is found at the sub-atomic gap where the quantum fields (consciousness) and matter (physiology) meet. All matter is said to be infused or made up of fields of intelligence or consciousness. When the body becomes disconnected from or acts independently from these underlying fields, this is said to be the cause of all disease.

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To resolve this issue, one must restore the awareness of pure consciousness in the cells that have forgotten that they, too, are sourced in consciousness. To accomplish this, attention must be applied to the junction where consciousness and matter meet—the gap between the quantum fields and physiology. With attention applied here, consciousness can flow back into physiology, restoring the memory of pure consciousness to the body. This is done by harnessing the body’s natural biophoton emissions.

Biophotons by definition function as frequencies or particles of light—as part of the electromagnetic field or as a particle of light. Photons exist as a part of both the field and physiology at the junction between consciousness and matter. They carry information at great distances, and the information they carry can be altered by our intention—even at great distances, as the studies show.

For either remote or local healing, we must create a coherent stream of photon emissions. This is done by destressing the mind and body before we pray or meditate on healing. The ability to create a coherent stream of biophoton emissions may be the determining factor as to whether or not the healing will be effective or not.

Make Your Distance Healing Impactful with Coherence

There are two streams of biophoton emissions. The vast majority of photon emissions are released from the body because of free radical oxidation and DNA damage. Due to something called the bystander phenomenon, these photon emissions can be harmful to you and those around you. We have all walked into a room that has noticeably bad vibes and is full of stress. You may be feeling the overwhelming amount of incoherent photon emissions that are primarily caused by stress.

On the flip side, we have all walked into a room or garden that feels warm, safe, and inviting. Studies have found that during meditation, the DNA damage is lessened and the biophoton emissions decrease. They become more coherent and possibly better able to receive and carry intentional information. This is called the coherence theory, where a coherent electromagnetic field is created between cells; instead of causing DNA damage and incoherent photon emissions, the biophotons are fewer yet more coherent. The coherence theory may be responsible for the health and healing effects of biophotons. The coherence theory has linked coherent photons emissions to a 30% increase in the growth of plants, along with many natural healing therapies.

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Coherent biophoton emissions may be the key to a successful healing session. Nobel Prize-winning researcher Elizabeth Blackburn did a research on what activities will slow the damage to the DNA. Meditation for stress, 7-8 hours of sleep a night, moderate exercise, eating whole + unprocessed food, and having a positive attitude were all shown to protect the DNA from damage and aging. These may all be necessary for the release of coherent biophotons emissions and to become a successful energy healer.

The Intention and Mantra of Distance Healing Meditation

Whether you are choosing to heal the world, a family member, or a loved one, set that intention of who or what you want to heal before you start the meditation. According to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, mantras or sutras are used to create different effects during a mediation. In book three, it is said that by meditating on the words “inner light,” the knowledge of the subtle, hidden, and remote is obtained. The commentary explains that the word ‘subtle’ means as subtle as atoms (biophotons), ‘hidden’ suggests becoming aware of and projecting inner light, and ‘remote’ suggests the projecting of inner light to distant lands. After you set your intention, then during the meditation start a silent mental repetition of the words “inner light”.

The Distance Healing Meditation (Watch Video)

  1. Set Intention of who to heal.
  2. 30 bhastrika breaths (bellows breath)
  3. Sit quietly with eyes closed, normal breathing, and mentally repeat the mantra “inner light”.
  4. If the mind becomes distracted with other thoughts, repeat 30 breaths of bhastrika, sit quietly, and restart the mental repetition of inner light.
  5. Continue for 10 minutes daily.

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Dr. John

2 thoughts on “Using Intentional Meditation for Distance Healing”

  1. It works for more than just healing. It works for manifesting all kinds of things. And it can work over LONG periods of time. And, yes, it doesn’t always work. I think it’s because of chaos in the universe and strong enough, mostly random, interferences. But I’ll tell you what, the more specific you can be, the better. And the stronger your brain power, the better.

    I’m so glad that Dr. Douillard explained photons. I’ve often wondered how on earth these things happen, and photons makes all the sense in the world and it rings true. One thing I’m going to ad, it’s important to listen closely to your intuition and the messages that are going on inside of you. If you are living too fast (Type A thinking and being) or way too slow (not enough energy firing off in the brain), then a person will have a hard time doing this. A person needs to find a Goldie Locks zone where mental vibration, energy, and quietness of the mind are in an operative zone. And an operative zone can have a range. It doesn’t have to be exact. Back to learning to listen to intuition. A lot of people are taught not to listen to their intuition by their parents. The parents didn’t do this intentionally. It takes some self discipline and awareness to help oneself to not dismiss listening to intuition. Intuition are photon communication. It’s a wave you can ride. That photon wave can rise and swell and be a lot of fun and bring about a lot of great things or it can fizzle out if you let it or if there’s is other random interference.

    This has happened in my life enough to know definitively that these happenings are not just lucky happenstance. When numbers, names, dates, historical figures, places, objects appearing, opportunities happening, all come together synchronistic, and providence happens repeatedly, then it becomes undeniable that there is a force at work. When there’s no explanation of it, it can be scary. To understand that it’s photons working in harmony with thought, then it become miraculous. Thank you for continuing to give us direction, Dr. Douillard.


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