Podcast Episode 131: Pragya Paradh: Treating the Cause of Human Suffering with Biophotons

Podcast Episode 131: Pragya Paradh: Treating the Cause of Human Suffering with Biophotons

November 30, 2022 | 51 minutes, 53 seconds

According to Ayurveda, the cause of human suffering is called pragya paradh. This translates as the mistake of the intellect, where pragya means intellect and aparadh means mistake. This mistake happens at the most subtle level of our physiology when we forget our true nature as spirit.  

When the physical and spiritual are blocked from each other, the body begins to function as independent parts instead of as a whole. According to Ayurveda, it is our consciousness that is responsible for the unified function of the body, mind, and spirit. There is a growing acceptance in quantum physics that the intelligent, creative vibrational fields that underlie all matter are conscious, and that our human consciousness is an extension of that field. Pragya paradh is when the underlying field of consciousness (quantum field of intelligence) becomes matter (physiology) and the matter forgets that it is sourced in consciousness. This is where we see the beginning of human suffering.

Pragya paradh as the mistake of the intellect leads to wrongful actions, which lead to discord and imbalance in physiology. Wrongful actions arise from wrongful thoughts, which arise from a mind that is not pure. An impure mind comes from thoughts sourced from need and fear rather than love and kindness. In Ayurveda, a sattvic mind is loving and free of need, while a rajasic and tamasic mind is based on reward chemistry, sensory stimulation, and fear.

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Ayurveda describes a sattvic mind as pure love with unfettered access to the underlying field of intelligence or consciousness from which we all come. A rajasic and tamasic mind is where the smiriti (memory)of pure consciousness is lost, and satisfaction is sourced from outer stimulation. The treatment for the mistake of the intellect is aimed at restoring the memory of pure consciousness in every cell of the body.

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Biophoton Healing at the Gap Between Consciousness and Matter

To restore the memory of pure consciousness in every cell of the body, Ayurveda aims to enhance one’s self-awareness at the junction point (sandhi) between consciousness and matter. In the gap or sandhi between the underlying fields of consciousness and physiology, we find frequencies of light or photons becoming matter. Photons exist at this primordial gap because they exist as both particles of light and frequencies or waves of light.

Biophotons, or ultraweak photon emissions, are released from the DNA inside of our cells to the tune of thousands per second. These photons of light are particles/frequencies that carry information—even our thoughts—inside our body at the speed of light.

The human body is both a transmitter and receiver of these biophotons that travel throughout the universe carrying information. Biophotons can be changed by our intention and can carry that intention great distances at the speed of light. Einstein called this ‘spooky action at a distance. He also discovered that these photons of light could be entangled by our intention. Let’s say you scheduled a lunch meeting with a client that you have never met before. In the days before the meeting, because of your intention to meet, your biophotons are entangled with theirs as they have been interacting with each other—sort of an informal introduction at the speed of light.

Biophotons, Prayer, and Distance Healing

Biophoton emission may explain how prayer and distance healing could work. During prayer, an intention is set to help or heal a loved one often at a great distance. Biophotons travel at the speed of light carrying information and such an intention to the target of intention established in prayer. Meta-analysis of many studies shows that biophotons charged with an intention can elicit physiological changes and heal at great distances.

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However, there is one catch! The biophotons released from our DNA can be either healing or damaging to the human body. The vast majority of photon emissions are incoherent and released as a result of DNA damage or oxidative stress. These can be damaging to our bodies, and even damaging to the ones around us via something called the bystander phenomenon.

Biophoton emissions can also be coherent and healing, as seen after the practice of meditation, chanting, yoga, and breathing. During these practices the amount of damaging and incoherent photon emissions decreases, leaving the more subtle, healing, and coherent photon emissions to be tagged by our intention, released from the DNA, and used for healing.

Self-Healing with Biophotons

Science shows us that DNA damage can be dramatically reduced with the practice of yoga, breathing, meditation, eating whole organic foods, and living a sattvic (loving, caring, and compassionate). According to Elizabeth Blackburn’s Nobel Prize-winning studies, these practices can lengthen the protective caps of our DNA, promoting healing and longevity. Decreased DNA damage is also measured by the biophoton emissions during these practices that support healing.

During meditation and meditative prayer, the mind becomes still, helping the brain waves to slow down and become more coherent. In response to a calm and silent mind, studies demonstrate how the body’s stress responses decline and healing can begin. As the mind transcends thought and the brain waves continue to slow, awareness moves toward the junction between consciousness and matter where the photon emissions concentrate. This awareness allows photons of light from the field of consciousness to carry the light into the density of the physiology, which can enhance the self-awareness needed to initiate a spontaneous healing response. Creating a coherent release of biophotons with these practices may be the mechanism of awareness for self-healing, the placebo effect, or spontaneous remissions. According to Ayurveda, once the body becomes aware of a problem as a problem, this self-awareness is the trigger to engage the body’s healing response.

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Ayurveda Healing Therapies at the Gap Between Consciousness and Matter

Based on these principles, Ayurveda employs numerous therapies that brought self-awareness to the junction point where the light or photon emissions are concentrated. Here are just a few ways to access sandhi and the healing opportunities they provide:

Meditation brings stillness and self-awareness to the gap between consciousness and matter.

Marma Therapy is the treatment of vital points that are junction points between anatomical structures as well as consciousness and matter.

Breath Retention brings self-awareness and healing to the space or gap between the breaths. Mantra during meditation brings self-awareness to the space between the thoughts.

Abhyanga (self-massage)  if done with mindfulness brings self-awareness to the skin and the gap between the experience of being massaged and the internal reaction to it.

Ritu-Sandhi – The Gap Between Seasons

Ayurveda says that the prevention of all illnesses starts with a proper transition from one season to the next. Seven days before and after the equinox and solstice are when healing or suffering can take root. During the ritu-sandhi, or junction points between the seasons, the gap between the sun’s light is dramatically shifting. The ritual around these times has been practiced around the world for millennia. According to Ayurveda, the gap between the seasons are the time of healing. More studies need to be done, but our ancestors honored the sun particularly when the quality of the sun’s light changed during the seasonal transitions.

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Sandhi Prakash – The Gap Between Day and Night (Sunrise and Sunset)

The sunrise and sunset are also junction points in nature, where night and day meet. The changing of the light at sunrise and sunset turns on and off the body’s biological clocks so as to be in sync with nature’s circadian rhythms. Sunrise and sunset are historically transition periods where the changing light was revered by our ancestors as well. Today many of us take light for granted, perhaps only seeing the sunrise and sunset through a windshield on the way to and from work.

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Consuming Ojas Rich Foods

In Ayurveda, there is a group of foods that are considered to carry more light, biophotons, and healing energy. These are called ojas-building foods. Ojas is the most-refined substance of digestion, which takes 30 days after a meal to be produced by the body. It is responsible for radiance, immunity, vitality, vigor, longevity, and developing higher states of consciousness. The classic herbs that are ojas-builders are Ashwagandha and Shatavari. The primary ojas foods are dates, cultured ghee, raw honey, coconut, almonds, saffron, cardamom, turmeric, and milk.

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