How To Lose Winter Weight

How To Lose Winter Weight

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  • After the holidays, have you gained a few extra pounds?
  • Too cold to exercise them off?
  • Can’t stop eating or snacking?
  • Feeling emotionally out of whack?
  • Need to reset your digestion and burn some fat for the New Year?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, let me offer you a quick digestion and fat-burning reset that will cost you next to nothing!!!

3 Reasons Why the Holiday Weight Crept In and Won’t Creep Out!

  1. Winter foods are appropriately heavier, more insulating, higher in fat and protein and harder to digest. Your digestive fire needs to be super hot to cook those hard to digest foods, but most of us have a weak digestive fire.
  2. Winter has dried the skin, making the inner and outer skin non functional. Outer skin is mostly cosmetic but the inner skin, which lines the intestines, is critical for weight loss, immunity and energy.
  3. During the stress of the holidays we tend to use comfort foods to cope, but high stress stores fat, puts out the digestive fire and bogs down intestinal absorption and detox.

3 Solutions!

  1. Turn on the digestive fire.
  2. Nourish the inner skin that lines the intestines.
  3. De-stress, Detox and reset Digestive strength.

Detoxification Options

The Short Home Cleanse: is a simple 4-day cleanse, de-stress, digestive reset and fat burning program. Follow these simple steps:

Basic Cleanse:

  • First thing each morning for 4 days take increasing dosages of liquid ghee on an empty stomach (2 tsp on the first morning, then 4, then 6, then 8 tsp on the final morning of day 4).
  • Eat a NON-FAT diet for 4 days that consists of whole foods and is plant-based (we suggest a rice/bean soup called kitchari). Check out the recipe or quick cook kitchari packets.
  • Sip lots of hot water all day and drink copious amounts of room temp water.
  • On the evening of day 4, take a gentle laxative therapy to flush the intestines.

It is so easy you can do it during the workweek. Now to answer all your questions and understand how the cleanse works, click here to find out more!

The Intestines are the Processing Center for Stress

Recently, I reported on some fascinating research that found that 95% of the body’s serotonin is produced and stored in the intestinal wall and only 5% in the brain, where we typically think serotonin is located.

Knowing that the majority of serotonin comes from the gut is incredibly relevant for tracking the root cause of disease. I almost always find myself looking down the barrel of emotional patterns of behavior, created many years ago in order to feel safe, as the cause of disease. These emotional strains are processed through the intestinal wall and then delivered to the brain, which creates a stress response in the body.

When stress impacts the intestines, which are the emotional processing center for stress, the digestive fire is extinguished, the intestinal wall inflames and assimilation and detoxification channels break down. We start avoiding the foods that we have a hard time digesting – such as dairy, soy or gluten – and labeling them “bad foods.”

How to Detox Your Mind and Emotions!

5000 years ago, Ayurvedic doctors already knew that mental and emotional stress caused disease and that 80% of disease was treated through the digestive system. They knew that the intestines were the “second brain” and that emotional stress creates digestive imbalances that impact every cell in the body.

Mental and emotional stress produce molecules of emotion that store in fat cells, according to Ayurveda. To make needed transformational changes that unlock digestive imbalances these emotion-storing fat cells need to be released. This is just one of the reasons why it is so crucial to become a good fat burner.

The molecules of emotion, or what Ayurveda calls “Mental Toxins,” are also fat-soluble and store in the muscle and fat cells all over the body. When under stress, these stored emotions trigger repetitive and reactive patterns of behavior that make us do the same dumb stuff again and again.

In one recent study, 14 of the major fat-soluble cancer-causing toxic chemicals like heavy metals, pesticides and preservatives, that store in the body’s fat cells may be detoxified during the Colorado Cleanse and continue to detoxify for 3 months after the cleanse.

To change these old emotional patterns the body must be able to burn fat well to release the toxic chemicals and molecules of emotion from the fat cells. During the Short Home Cleanse and the Colorado Cleanse, the body may release toxic and emotional fat stores which give the cleanser the opportunity to transform old emotional patterns that lock the body and mind in imbalanced behavior.

Ayurveda is designed to remove the density of the physical body in order for us to have the clarity to see and transform the mental and emotional patterns that have driven the body into imbalance and pain. Once the body starts purifying at this deep level, the Ayurvedic Psychology Self Inquiry we offer at LifeSpa may support the body, mind and spirit.

>>> For more on this topic, check out my article “Psycho-Physiology of Stress”


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