Hot Topics: How Do I Get Started with Ayurvedic Skin Care?

The best products to begin your Ayurvedic skincare journey.

“I would like to get started on using Dr. Douillard’s LifeSpa skin care products, but I’m not sure where to start: Which product should I use first?”

LifeSpa Skin Care products are all designed to increase the health and function of the skin, helping it to repair and detoxify itself. Two products I would recommend starting with are LifeSpa’s Crystal Clear Cleansffddfer/Toner and Royal Glow Facial Moisturizer. They are both free of any preservatives, added fillers (like water) or artificial ingredients!

While your initial intention may be to moisturize your skin, we do not recommend starting with only our moisturizer since, by itself, it may inhibit essential detoxification that is an imperative part of the process for developing healthy, vibrant skin. It is absolutely crucial to first cleanse and detoxify the skin. Because of this, we recommend that our customers first focus on deeply detoxifying and exfoliating the skin with our purifying Crystal Clear Cleanser/Toner. It uses chickpea flour as the exfoliating scrub that removes oil, dirt and makeup while deeply nourishing and softening the sensitive skin of the face. The triphala acts as a skin toner and rejuvenative. These Ayurvedic ingredients are blended with a naturally occurring amino acid, a coconut lipid extract and glycerin, to create a non-drying cleansing lather.

Once the skin has been deeply cleansed and rejuvenated, LifeSpa’s Royal Glow Facial Moisturizer can be applied to enhance circulation, stimulate rapid skin repair and nourish the skin with rich, essential D and E vitamins.

With just these two LifeSpa products, you can begin a delightful and comprehensive Ayurvedic skin care routine.

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