How Olive Oil Promotes Autophagy and Longevity

How Olive Oil Promotes Autophagy and Longevity

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Why the Mediterranean Diet is the Best

After decades of seesaw diets promoted as the way to get healthy quickly, the Mediterranean Diet still stands alone as the undisputed champion of health and longevity.

Besides being high in fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread and grains, beans and legumes, and nuts and seeds, the Mediterranean Diet recommends a liberal amount of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) as its secret ingredient. Numerous studies have confirmed olive oil’s benefits for cardiovascular, respiratory, and blood sugar health, as well as for weight balancing and helping resolve hypersensitivity to certain food and seasonal environmental changes.1

The More Olive Oil, the Better

Many studies have measured the effects of supplementing a Mediterranean Diet with even more olive oil–to see if more is better. In one study, 7,447 individuals (55-80 years old) were divided into three dietary groups: a low-fat group, a Mediterranean Diet group with an extra 40 ml of extra virgin olive oil a day (to create a 40% fat diet), and a Mediterranean Diet group with a daily allowance of 30 g of mixed nuts. After one year, the extra olive oil test group lost more unwanted body fat than a low-fat diet control group. After 4.8 years, the number of cardiovascular-related deaths were significantly less in the olive oil and mixed nut groups compared to the deaths in the low-fat control group.2

Hydroxytyrosol: An Olive Oil Polyphenol Found to Boost Longevity

The high volume of olive oil and olives consumed in the Mediterranean Diet delivers numerous antioxidant polyphenols that that are responsible for many of the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. For years, the health benefits of olive oil were attributed to its high content of oleic acid, which canola oil was modelled after. When the health benefits of canola oil failed to deliver, researchers started to look at some of the other active polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil.4

One of those polyphenols, hydroxytyrosol, has been getting attention from longevity researchers as a new “anti-aging” agent. Hydroxytyrosol is now being considered one of the more active antioxidant polyphenols responsible for olive oil’s heart and cardiovascular benefits.4,14 The highest amount of hydroxytyrosol is found in ripe olives just before pressing them into oil. The average intake of hydroxytyrosol in the Mediterranean Diet is about 30 mg per day (there are about 50-200 mg of hydroxytyrosol in a kilogram of olives).3

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Olive Oil’s Hydroxytyrosol Boosts AMPK and Autophagy

Hydroxytyrosol has been found to increase levels of a health and longevity enzyme called adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase, or AMPK. AMPK, which commonly declines with age, is a major focus of longevity research.5 AMPK regulates the amount of energy made in the mitochondria found in every cell. When cellular energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, runs low, AMPK is responsible for flipping the metabolic switch to drive production and delivery more ATP to cells.5,6

As AMPK increases, so does the self-repair and recycling process of the body, called autophagy. Autophagy is now famous because it is the process triggered by fasting. But fasting isn’t  the only way to activate autophagy.8 Turmeric and ashwagandha, along with other Ayurvedic herbs, have been shown to be AMPK and autophagy activators.9,10

Extra virgin olive oil, by way of increasing AMPK, has been shown to also stimulate autophagy.7 The hydroxytyrosol found in olive oil can inhibit the Mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR), which is involved in numerous aging and degenerative pathways,12 including blood sugar issues and cognitive decline. Blood sugar issues are linked to cognitive decline, with some studies showing that unbalanced blood sugar can increase the risk of cognitive and memory issues by 50-100%.11

Olive Oil’s Oleuropein Boosts AMPK and Autophagy

Oleuropein is the most abundant polyphenol in Olive Oil15 and can boost AMPK and trigger autophagy. One study concluded that the powerful antioxidant, oleuropein found in EVOO was a main player in healthy aging, neurodegeneration, cell replication, and blood sugar issues. Oleuropein countered the  autophagy dysfunction that may underlie the majority of age-related, degenerative health concerns.12,14

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  1. Another eye opener! Thanks so much Dr. Douillard !!!
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    • Dear Zal,

      Yes, it is best to take supplements of the highest quality. We do not know of any olive oil concentrates and at this time do not have an OO supplement.


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  2. On the Fandango website it states their olive oils are imported from Italy???
    You state in your article, you thought it was from California, and that imported olive oils from Italy did not get your approval? Can you clarify??

  3. Thank you for this article Dr. Douillard! Can EVOO be used for sautéing? I heard that at high temperatures it loses all its micro nutrients and anti-oxidants? How do we use this in cooking i.e what temperatures does EVOO tolerate?


  4. That sounds great but well out of my price range. Is this the only one you are promoting or are there other options? I can go through a 12 ounce bottle in a week and I’m retired on a fixed income.

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      The research we have done is specific on this olive oil, so we don’t have any other recommendations at this time. However, anything that follows our guidelines of being an organic and extra virgin should work fine.


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