Mung Beans Found to Have Anti-Aging Properties

Mung Beans Found to Have Anti-Aging Properties

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The Aging Switch

Mung beans hold a very special place in Ayurveda. They are the only legume that does not produce gas when digested. In fact, according to Ayurveda, they actually reduce gas – quite a rare property from a bean!

New research confirms this ancient Ayurvedic understanding. Mung beans have what scientists are now calling “anti-flatulence inducing factors” – meaning they really don’t produce gas! (3)

On top of this outstanding accolade, they may also have a hand in turning back time…

Scientists have discovered a protein that they are calling the “Aging Switch.”

The protein, HMGB1 (High Mobility Group Box 1), triggers the release of toxic and degenerative cytokines in the body. (1)

The discovery of the HMGB1 protein as a switch that turns on accelerated aging has spawned a discovery of the constituents found in mung beans and green tea that actually turn off this aging switch, significantly extending life and slowing down the aging process. (2)

In one study, when mung beans were consumed, they were found to extend lifespan by a whopping 82%! (2)

Ayurvedically speaking, they are considered cooling to the body, possibly due to their high lysine content. (3)

Other studies have found that mung beans also contain powerful antioxidants in their seed coating, which scientists believe have properties that help inhibit excess cytokine production and turn off the aging cytokine switch. (4)

Ayurveda has used mung beans for thousands of years to both cleanse and heal the lining of the intestinal tract. In fact, they are considered so gentle that they are given as baby food.

The classic Ayurvedic dish, “kitchari,” which we use in many of our LifeSpa cleanses, calls for mung beans as the primary ingredient.

It always amazes me how modern science continues to prove what this ancient wisdom somehow knew thousands of years ago!

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