Ayurvedic Summer Skin Care Guide

Ayurvedic Summer Skin Care Guide

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Sunscreen and Skin Cancer

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays while still getting enough vitamin D. Check out LifeSpa’s time-tested advice on how to pick the best sunscreens and keep your skin healthy year-round, so it can handle whatever comes your way. Read The Truth About Sunscreen.

Calming Pitta-Imbalanced Skin

Pitta imbalance, common during summer months, can manifest as rashes, acne, and flushed skin. The herb Amalaki is cooling for hot, pitta skin and supports the appearance of elasticity and youthfulness.

To find out more about your doshic constitution and your skin type, take LifeSpa’s Skin Type Quiz.

Keep Your Skin in Great Shape

The inner and outer skin both act as complex and hard-working detox organs, helping to take some of the weight of detoxing off of the liver. An intact and well-functioning detox system includes the lymph, liver, kidneys and the skin working in harmony to process toxic elements as they come in.

Additionally, both the inner and outer skin are home to trillions of beneficial bacteria that support optimal health by performing a majority of the body’s functions. Supporting and feeding these microbes with appropriate seasonal foods, high-quality prebiotics and probiotics keep these “good bugs” healthy and they, in turn, produce immune-boosting fatty acids that nourish and protect the skin, giving it a brilliant luster and healthy sheen.

The Ayurvedic approach to preserving optimal skin health is a multi-pronged method that involves assessing and supporting sound internal health, nourishing the beneficial microbes that call the skin their home, using oils that moisturize the skin by feeding the skin’s healthy bugs, and regularly cleansing and detoxing.

Learn the Ayurvedic way to care for your skin.

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