Lose Weight with These 4 Simple Steps

Lose Weight with These 4 Simple Steps

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Nature’s Weight Loss Season

Spring is “Nature’s Weight Loss Season.” This is when nature resets our ability to burn fat naturally. There are just a few weeks left of Spring to effortlessly lose those extra pounds with the help of mother nature! If you are reading this article when it is not spring, this plan can be done successfully at any time of the year.

The key to our 4 Simple Steps to Permanent Weight Loss (below) is to ensure that the body has the ability to burn fat well.

Fat is the body’s calm, nonemergency fuel. It burns slow and steady so it provides energy for many hours straight, unlike sugar which burns quickly. Sugar and carbohydrate fuels provide quick bursts of energy that often crash and then create blood sugar problems.

The problem is that many of us have lost the ability to burn fat effectively and are chronically storing fat and gaining weight.

In this article, I reveal our 4 Simple Steps to Permanent Weight Loss and how a powerful blood sugar herb will help boost fat metabolism, make sweet foods taste less sweet, and block the absorption of sugar in the intestinal wall.

Why Does ‘Snacking’ and ‘Grazing’ Discourage Fat Metabolism?

Our media is incorrectly telling us that eating many small meals a day is a better way to stabilize mood and lose weight. This only temporarily covers up symptoms if you are hypoglycemic and have unstable blood sugar. Eating six meals a day can never provide permanent blood sugar stability because the body will become dependent on being fed every 2-3 hours. If a meal is missed, the blood sugar may crash again.

If we want the body to burn fat, we must give it a reason. Why would the body burn its stored fat reserves if it is getting fed every 2-3 hours? When we eat this often, the body burns what it has just been fed and has no motivation to burn stored fat.

How To Burn Fat

When you eat breakfast, and then nothing until lunch, and then nothing until supper, and then nothing until breakfast again, you provide a natural fast in between meals that will encourage fat metabolism. If you have a snack, even a healthy snack like a carrot, in between breakfast and lunch you will burn the carrot but not any stored fat. If you have nothing between breakfast and lunch, your body will be forced to burn stored fat in order to get you through to lunch without a blood sugar crash.

In the old days, folks had supper at 5 or 6 pm and then ate nothing until breakfast, around 7 am. It was common to go 13 hours without food and break that fast (and thus reset fat metabolism) every day with “break-fast.” This tradition has been in place for thousands of years around the world, until now when we are the heaviest we have ever been.

We have decided to change thousands of years of tradition because eating full meals has become inconvenient for us. In the name of trying to stabilize blood sugar levels, we have actually made the problem worse. After a few decades of eating six meals a day, our blood sugar levels have become more unstable. Yes, at first people feel better, but shortly thereafter the blood sugar issues become worse. Now folks are starving after 2-3 hours without food.

If we needed food every 2-3 hours to survive, humans would simply be extinct.

Eating 5-6 Meals a Day is Just Not Sustainable.

I conducted a preliminary study based on my book The 3-Season Diet in 2000. We had the group eat 3 meals a day with no snacks and measured weight loss and a host of psychological factors.

Within two weeks they saw significant improvement in their:

  1. depression
  2. anxiety
  3. cravings
  4. sleep
  5. exhaustion after work
  6. fatigue
    They lost an average of 1.2 pounds per week during the 2 month study

>>> Read the Study

Losing Weight CANNOT Be a Struggle

The more you strain and starve yourself, the more the body perceives the weight loss program as a fat-storing emergency. To get the body to burn fat naturally you have to convince it the war is over. We do that by encouraging the body to burn fat naturally and effortlessly.

4 Simple Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

Step 1: Eat 3 good, healthy and relaxed meals each day – with no snacks.

  • Start with 4 meals a day if you need to, but work down to 3.
  • NOTE: If you have trouble eating 3 or 4 meals a day — please read about an amazing blood sugar stabilizing herb below.
    Graduate to Step 2 only when Step 1 is effortless.

Step 2: Make supper smaller – such as a soup or salad.

  • Graduate to Step 3 only when Step 2 is effortless.

Step 3: Make supper earlier. Eat before 6 PM

  • Graduate to Step 4 only when Step 3 is effortless.

Step 4: Skip supper 3-7 nights per week.

  • Drink copious amounts of warm water between meals.
  • Enjoy one cup of herbal tea with raw honey before bed, if needed.
  • Continue Step 4 for 4 -6 more weeks.

Having Difficulty with Cravings or Eating Only 3-4 Meals a Day?

If eating 3 meals a day presents a challenge, or you just can’t seem to muster the willpower to give up the dark chocolate, coffee or jelly beans, or your cravings are just out of control, let me introduce to you an herb that is nothing short of amazing.

Gymnema sylvestre is an Ayurvedic herb from the milkweed family that is locally known as Gurmar and literally translated as the Sugar Destroyer. If you put just a taste of this herb on your tongue and then eat a Snickers bar or anything sweet, you simply do not taste the sugar. It literally blocks the absorption of sugar through the taste buds and the intestinal wall. (1) The active ingredient, gymnemic acids, has receptors both in the gut and on the tongue that prevent sugar absorption. When sugar absorption is blocked, cravings are reduced and blood sugar highs and lows are neutralized (1).

When gymnema stops the utilization of sugar by blocking the availability of carbohydrates in the gut, the body is forced to burn its own fat for fuel.

Gymnema supports blood sugar levels, which helps make the transition from 6 meals a day to 3 doable and preferable.

Eliminate Craving Protocol:

  1. Take 1000mg of Gymnema before meals for 2 weeks.
  2. Then, take 500mg of Gymnema before meals for 4 weeks.

Herbal Support for Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

In one study, gymnema was administered for 18 to 20 months to 22 Type II diabetics taking conventional medication. All patients showed a significant reduction in blood glucose levels. Five of the 22 maintained their blood glucose levels without conventional drugs and the dose of the medications were reduced in the others. (2)

Gymnema is a harmonizer for the blood sugar and pancreas. It balances both high blood sugar as in diabetes and low blood sugar as in hypoglycemia. In natural medicine, this is called herbal intelligence as it has the intelligence to bring balanced function to the pancreas and blood sugar rather than just reduce symptoms.

In another study, gymnema was measured to double the islet number (clumps of pancreatic cells) and beta-cell number (insulin-producing cells) in diabetic rat pancreas. The study suggested that gymnema may improve the health of the pancreas thereby providing a second mechanism for its action in diabetes. (3) In diabetes the islet and beta cells in the pancreas become non-functional. This demonstrates gymnema’s ability to rejuvenate pancreatic and blood sugar functions.


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