Lymph Quiz: Decode Your Symptoms

Lymph Quiz: Decode Your Symptoms

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Do You Need to Cleanse Your Lymphatic System?

What is the lymphatic system, and how can I tell if mine is healthy?

In Ayurveda, lymph, or rasa, is always the first body system evaluated and treated. The lymphatic system is extremely important to our health and wellbeing, but is often overlooked in Western medicine. It is one factor that may play into many so-called “mystery illnesses.”

Functions of the Lymphatic System1-5

  1. Carrying and supporting the immune system.
  2. Carrying nutritional fats to every cell for baseline energy (think chronic fatigue).
  3. Processing undigested, toxic fats and proteins from the intestines and intercellular spaces to be scrubbed and processed before delivery to the liver for final detox.

The lymphatic system is the largest circulatory system in the body. In Ayurveda, lymph is integral to the study of longevity, or rasayana. If any of the three primary functions break down, numerous health concerns ensue, compromising one’s vitality and longevity, according to Ayurveda.

There are areas of lymphatic concentration linked to specific health concerns. For example, the mucus-associated lymphatic tissue, or MALT, represents all lymph in the inner skin or mucus membranes. It includes the GALT, BALT, LALT, and SALT, which I describe below.13

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Types of Lymph

GALT, or gut-associated lymphatic tissue, is a concentration of lymphatic vessels surrounding the large intestine. Improper function of the GALT is linked to congestion and fatty build-up around the waist.3

There are newly discovered lymphatics in the brain and central nervous system called glymphatics. Each year, the glymphatics drain three pounds of toxins and plaque out of the brain in your sleep. Congestion in these has been linked to compromised cognitive function, mood, and vitality.6,7

SALT, or skin-associated lymphatic tissue, resides under our skin. It serves as an immune army to protect us from the outside world.8

Mesentery lymph, or the lymphatics that line the small intestines, are part of the body’s primary defense against food intolerance and toxicity. The lymph-rich mesentery has only recently been labelled an organ because of the highly complex role it plays in digestion and immunity.9-11

There are also concentrations of lymph in the upper respiratory system called larynx-associated lymphatic tissue (LALT) and bronchial-associated lymphatic tissue (BALT). These provide upper respiratory immune support.12,

Clearly, the lymphatic system is quite pervasive, with concentrations in key areas. If these areas of lymph concentration become congested, there is typically a signal.

The lymphatic system also serves as the body’s waste management system, escorting toxic waste and undigested proteins and fats to the liver for detoxification. When this system becomes congested, you may experience signs of toxicity. For example, when SALT is congested, toxins are routed directly to the surface, resulting in skin irritation..

For a deeper dive into understanding the lymphatic system, download my free Miracle of Lymph eBook.

The Lymph Quiz!

Answer a few simple questions to determine if and where you may be experiencing the first signs of lymph congestion. Simply answer yes or no.

Remember, in Ayurveda, lymph is evaluated and treated first as a tool for preventing further health issues. Addressing signs of lymph congestion early provides an ounce of prevention, which we all know is worth a pound of cure.

GALT: Gut-Associated Lymph Congestion

  1. Do you experience extra weight accumulation around the hips or belly?
  2. Do you experience sluggish bowel function? Either occasional constipation or loose movement?
  3. Do you experience swelling, breast tenderness, bloat, or PMS before your menstrual cycle?
  4. Do you experience any discomfort or skin irritation in the lower abdomen?
  5. Do you have mild to moderate hemorrhoids?

SALT: Skin-Associated Lymph Congestion

  1. Do you experience hives?
  2. Do you have skin irritation from eating certain foods?
  3. Is your skin commonly dry or flaky?
  4. Do you have dandruff?
  5. Do you have any toenail issues?
  6. Do you overreact to bug bites?

BALT and LALT: Respiratory Lymph Congestion

  1. Are you occasionally congested?
  2. Do you sneeze frequently?
  3. Are you always clearing your throat?
  4. Do you commonly have a dry cough or tickle in the throat?
  5. Do you get occasional headaches from sinus congestion?

Mesentery Lymph: Small Intestine Lymph Congestion

  1. Are there foods (like wheat and dairy) you do not tolerate?
  2. Do you bloat after meals?
  3. Do you belch after or between meals?
  4. Do you feel nauseous after eating certain foods?
  5. Do you avoid certain foods because they cause digestive distress?
  6. Do you have discomfort after a meal in the upper abdomen?
  7. Do you feel tired after eating a large meal?

Glymphatics: Brain + Central Nervous System Lymph Congestion

  1. Do you get brain fog?
  2. Do you wake up groggy?
  3. Do you have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep?
  4. Do you have occasional headaches after eating or sleeping?
  5. Are you moody, worried, or sad?
  6. Do you experience mild memory lapses?
  7. Is your body noticeably stiff when you wake up in the morning?

General Lymphatic Questions

  1. Do rings ever get tight on your fingers?
  2. Do your ankles ever swell?
  3. Do you swell on airplanes?
  4. Do you swell after or during exercise?
  5. Do your joints ache, especially in the morning?
  6. Do you feel generally more tired than you should?
  7. Do you have occasional joints aches that move around your body?
  8. Do you have cellulite?
  9. Are you overweight?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, please scroll through all my lymphatic articles to find the article that relates to the area of your lymphatic congestion.
We recommend "Is Your Lymph Making You Gain Weight?":

I hope this quiz has helped you understand some of your health symptoms and see them in a new light. I’d love to hear about any new connections you have made in the comments below.

 Want to take your lymph health to the next level? Check out my 6-Step Lymph Kit.

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Dr. John



17 thoughts on “Lymph Quiz: Decode Your Symptoms”

  1. I often nearly all the time feel tired and weary… Physically and emotionally drained… I get sinus although havnt had a bad bout in a long time.. I swell in kegs and ankles sometimes.. And sometimes in wrists and fingers.. I sneeze more than once every day usually… Only foods I do not tolerate are cucumbers since I had gall bladder out years ago.. I experience variety if bowel movements like you mention and in fact need to run as quick as I can to use toilet… Am overweight about 117 kilo I think.. My doctor says if I got down to 80kilo he’d be happy.. I have moderate leaking valve in my heart.. Take 300mg blood pressure tablet once a day and a 1 my slow release three times a day… Also a 10 my low dose lexaoro antidepressant.. As few years ago I was getting never up due to stress and health issues and life sadness family issues …im a relatively calm person hardly ever lash out at anyone… If I sit down I end up nodding off for a while… I’m spiritual and I pray.. I go to my kingdom hall meetings every week.. I have had two really bad cases if celulitis in my left leg which put me in hospital for a month each time on strong antibiotics… I take turmeric.. Ciq10 . Special greens such as spirilina.. Also on a car to a blood thinner… Even as a child I was never very energetic… I plod along in life…. Everything is an effort… I’m 62 …people say to me Are you 62 ?….you don’t look that old… I might not look it but I feel older… I’ve never smoked and I’ve never been drunk and never done bad drugs… I’ve got arthritis in my neck… My vitamin d3 level was very low a few years ago.. Doctor told me to take cuts D3 tablets.. But I’ve heard it can cause trouble for your arteries.. I don’t know if that’s true though…. I usually go to sleep OK.. Very rarely I have trouble falling to sleep… Life feels like its heavy and it had been due to low self esteem… Sad life problems… Feeling like nothing changes really.. It’s like you just wait for the next saga to spring into action… I know that’s not good and I’m not a mean it horrible person.. I am a Jehovah witness now.. Only recently but have known about what we stand for… For a long time but life with children and worries held me back… We are encouraged to care about life and to respect life and to be compassionate and live to God’s standards as much as possible.. No one is perfect but we can all make choices… It’s up to each if us to do good or to be the opposite…. But I believe kindness love and compassion and faith hope and prayer are important …..i just want to feel healthy and to function properly instead if feeling like I have all MY LIFE ,really no one knows how I feel even if I tell them…. I feel like I have Hurt Me stamped on my forehead and so otgers say OK…. Especially my kids who I love…. They are not talking to me because of my faith… It’s because if a rule the group home has where my autistic son now lives… Like I said no one listens to me… I’ve got friends, good people,… I’m not saying I don’t have blessings at all… I believe in a higher power and a divine creator.. I live in hope for better things to come but I worry I won’t be worthy because I’m too tired….. emotionally

    • Research these two healing modalities, “FasterEFT” by Robert Gene Smith (also known as EFT or Tapping) and “The Emotion Code” by Dr Bradley Nelson, DC. You can easily learn to do both of these modalities yourself. You’ll find many YouTube videos to learn about and view the use of FasterEFT and The Emotion Code.
      Dr. Bradley Nelson also offers free webinars occasionally.
      I have taught myself both of these practices with AMAZING results!
      Both of these healing practices/modalities should be taught early in elementary school—especially EFT/Tapping.
      Also you can look into the work of the renown Raymon Grace, a Dowser, mountain man from hills of Virginia. VERY wise soul! Much you can do with his concepts, too.
      Best wishes for some “grace” to show up in your life!

  2. Sharyn,
    Your letter is a year old. I’m so sorry you’ve had so many health issues. I hope and pray that you are doing much better now. ❤️
    It sounds too me like your lymphatic system definitely needed some help.
    I hope you found something to help.
    Stay safe and good luck to you,
    Kathy 🤗

  3. Hi Dr. John!
    Is it possible to have lymph congestion and have “decent” immune system? (i.e. I answered yes to almost all the questions in the quiz, but I don’t get “sick” that often…of course that is my Western interpretation of sick).
    I have been bloated for over two years now – Nov 2019 had positive SIBO test, did 6 week elimination and then a course of antibiotics and no relief from symptoms (my primary compliant is bloat, not digestive distress). During elimination I had zero reduction in bloat and no weight loss (I am up 5-8 inches in waist and about 15 pounds). I also didn’t feel better or worse with the elimination diet (it is the second time I have done one and do not think I have an issue with particular food groups). I am an athlete, my diet is not perfect, but better than most. I also did the 4 day short course cleanse late last year. I have been taking calcium D glucarate to help my liver with the high levels of beta glucuronidase – however, also do not seem to have any positive outcome with that. I recently stopped HRT after one year of supplementation…and now in surgical menopause…all these systems started pre-surgery. Super frustrated.

    I am going to binge on lymph content and hopefully find something to guide me toward relief. Looking forward to the 6 Step Lymph Kit link getting fixed…as hopefully it will be my missing link to get my body back to normal!

    Thank you for all the great content!

    • Dear Wendy, did you checked for SIFO (fungal overgrowth)? I recommend the SOS digestion summit (going on Now) and a Italia Jacobi website on sibo success plan there are also many free resources there
      Good luck

  4. Hoping to speak with Dr. Douillard. I have had a completely blocked lymphatic system for a few years and have been working on it intensely for 2 years. I have 2 functioning medicine doctors who are working with me. I do XP2 on a regular basis and have had over 75 treatments along with vibration therapy and take 48 supplements a day. The Manjistha works great but I cannot take it anymore. Same with the Lymph cleanse drops. They both make my lymph move too fast and cause “asthma” symptoms. which have turned to constant instead of episodes. I went from 122.6 (my entire life) to over 180 in 3 months. Oncologist said my lymph nodes are the size of plums in my lungs. The Cardiologist said a node is within 1 inch of my heart and wanted to operate. I don’t see either of them anymore. I was totally healthy until I did immunotherapy for cat dander (should have gotten rid of the cat) and was overmedicated with steroids for 3.5 years. Hense, my lymphatic issues. There is no doctor that deals with lymphatic. If I can get help please email me. I have no where else to turn.

  5. Hello,
    I have many questions on what I should do to help my lymphatic system. I tried to make an appointment for a consultation and it says there are no available times between now and July 3. Is there a wait list or something else I can do to find an appointment?
    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi,

      Please reach out to our front desk staff via phone or email to inquire about being added to a cancellation waitlist.

      LifeSpa Staff

  6. I purchased the herbs in the 6 step lymph detox. Is it intended to take the herbs in the same time frame or complete one bottle (say for a month) and then start the next? For instance, do I take 2 caps Manjistha, 2 Brahmi, 2 Neem in the morning, 1 Lymph Vein at meal 2x, and 1 cap Manjistha, 1 cap Brahmi before bed. If you could let me know it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Stacey,

      Dr. John suggests starting one new herb each day, so you can notice the effects of each individual herb on your bodily systems.

      Yes you would end up taking them all in the same day.

      LifeSpa Staff

  7. Hi!
    I just received my order of the 6-STEP Lymphatic cleanse and I noticed that the Need Capsules are smaller and state 500 mg (bottle 3/4 full). All the other capsules which range from 460mg- 500mg are larger in size (bottles are full to the brim). Did I not get all of the Neem capsules that I should have received?

    Also how many ounces of juice or water should the 30 drops of Lymph cleanse be diluted in?

    The Lymphatic Massage oil states to use in the shower/bath – Is this meant to be applied prior to showering with soap or after showering?

    Thank you!


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