Feel Great After the Holidays

Feel Great After the Holidays

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We are all busy planning for the holidays, but not for the post-holiday effects on energy levels, mood, and waistline, which can be less than glamorous. This is the time of year when most of us start craving a change.

The holidays are also a time of great emotional intensity. Things are really “up” for many of us at this time of year. In Ayurveda, it is believed that these times of emotional intensity are opportunities for us to make transformational change. But how?

That’s why we’ve created a new cleanse – a short and sweet 4-day at-home cleanse tailored to reset digestion, lose weight, and most importantly, to help you turn the compost of your negative emotions into the rich soil from which contentment, love and joy can blossom. I designed it to help you bounce back from holiday excess and move forward as a more vibrant, inspired, and energetic you.. Available starting right after Thanksgiving and all through December and January, we think you’ll enjoy the holiday season even more by balancing the festivities with something so deeply nourishing.

Lighten Up! After the Holidays

It is difficult not to over-indulge during the holidays. Those apple pies, treats to die for and food, food, food tempting us everywhere, soon just breaks down that thing we call willpower.

Fast forward to just after the holidays. You feel heavy, tired and stressed, you’re fighting a cold, you may have gained a few pounds during the festivities, and you’re feeling a touch of the winter blues. It’s no surprise. Research has it that 95% of the serotonin in our bodies is produced and stored in the gut! That makes this the perfect time to do something great for our physical and emotional wellbeing by accessing both through this all-important hub in the body: the digestive system.

Generally, we don’t think of the winter as a time for cleansing, but our holiday traditions make it an ideal, if not necessary, time to cleanse – for lots of reasons:

  • You ate too much over the holidays
  • You’ve gained unwanted weight
  • Spending time with family brought up old patterns of behavior
  • You feel overwhelmed by negative emotions
  • Your joints are aching again
  • You’re constipated
  • You can’t sleep
  • You feel run down and on the edge of a cold or flu
  • You want to make a change, but can’t find the motivation or energy

Lighten Up! is a cleanse that goes far beyond detoxing the body. Based on Ayurvedic Psychology, it’s ultimate objective is to help us clear the emotional cobwebs so that we can be free to be our joyful, loving selves! And that’s a great way to end one year, and begin another.

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Dr. John

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