Yoga Journal’s Ayurveda 101 eCourse with Dr. John

Yoga Journal’s Ayurveda 101 eCourse with Dr. John

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Ayurveda 101

I get asked ALL THE TIME about when I will create an Ayurveda 101 course and where can you go to learn more specifics about Ayurveda. So I was really excited when Yoga Journal came to me with the idea to do 3 eCourses on the basics of Ayurveda segmented by season and dosha qualities. I thought “YES! This is perfect.” Then to make it even more profound and information-packed, we have my good friend Larissa Hall-Carlson, who is the former dean of the School of Ayurveda at Kripalu, teaching the yoga poses for each session!

If Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga and means “the science of life,” why don’t we use it more in the yoga studio and in life? This course demystifies the most elemental and mind-body balancing ancient science known to yogis. Each four-week program, or year-long package, allows you to learn about your body’s natural needs through each season and how to heal, eat, cook and cleanse for true balance. In addition, enjoy self-care demonstration techniques adapted to your individual dosha and signature yoga practices and poses you can use at home or as a teacher.

Ayurveda 101 is split up into 3 sessions – Spring, Summer and Winter. You can decide to only take the course for the season or dosha you’re interested in, or you can challenge yourself to learn Ayurveda for all 3 seasons.

NOTE: This course qualifies for 30 Yoga Alliance CEUs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ayurveda 101

1. How much is Ayurveda 101?

The total cost of the full collection of all three courses (winter, spring and summer) is $600. Save $150 when you buy all three at once! Purchase all three courses here!

2.  Do I have to buy all three courses, or can I buy them individually?

You can buy the courses individually! Each individual course is $250.

Click on the images below for the specific course you are interested in:

3. When do the courses begin?

The sessions are available to take at your own pace.

4. Are there discounts for the individual courses?

Yes! Use code JDOUILLARD for 25% Off.

Click here to enter for a chance to win a FREE eCourse!

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Dr. John

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  1. Good morning,

    Some years ago, I purchased an online course “winter (vata) ayurveda 101”. I can’t recover it. I used to have a link to access it from my email adresse but I might have suppressed it by mistake. My name is Violaine Guibert. Or Violaine Reimuth as I was married at the time.
    Could you find my ecourse and recover it for me? Or resend me the link?

    I am very grateful for your help.


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