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Recipe and photo by Emma Frisch

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 6 servings


  • Ghee – 1.5 teaspoon
  • Coriander seeds – 1.5 teaspoons
  • Fennel seeds – 1.5 teaspoons
  • Cumin seed – 1 teaspoon
  • Turmeric powder – 1.5 teaspoons
  • Cumin powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Split mung dahl – 1 cup
  • Basmati rice – 1 cup, rinsed
  • Split yellow dahl – 1/4 cup, rinsed
  • Cardamom pods – 4
  • Bay leaves – 2
  • Cinnamon stick – 1/2 stick
  • Fresh ginger root – 1 tablespoon, minced
  • Water – 4 cups
  • Cilantro leaves – 1/4 cup per serving


  1. Toast the fennel, coriander and cumin seeds over medium-low heat. When they begin to pop, transfer them to a mortar and pestle or clean coffee grinder, and grind into powder.
  2. In a large pot, melt the ghee. Add the ground spices, turmeric powder and cumin powder. Stir into a paste.
  3. Add the split mung dahl, yellow dahl and rice to the pot. Stir and toast for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Add the cardamom pods, bay leaves, cinnamon stick and minced ginger.
  5. Add the water and stir the kitchari. Cover the pot with a lid and bring the liquid to a boil.
  6. Reduce to a simmer for about 30 minutes, until the water is absorbed and the kitchari is tender and porridge-like.
  7. Serve warm with a generous helping of cilantro leaves.
  8. When reheating for each meal, I like to add a splash of water to loosen up the kitchari.

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2 thoughts on “Kitchari”

    • Hi Lore,

      For weak digestion, gas, or bloating: Before starting to prepare kitchari, first parboil split mung dahl (cover with water and bring to boil), drain, and rinse. Repeat 2-3 times. OR soak beans overnight. Drain and cook as directed.



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