Article Series: Blood Sugar and Pre-Diabetes

Pre-Diabetes Part 1: Is Your “Healthy” Diet Silently Causing Pre-Diabetes?
Did you know at least one-third of Americans are at imminent risk of becoming diabetic?
If you experience food cravings, mood swings, anxiety and depression, irritability and/or fatigue, you might unknowingly be at risk. The scary truth is, even a healthy diet can put you in the danger zone… [Read On]

Pre-Diabetes Part 2: Crave Sweets? Home Screen Your Risk for pre-Diabetes
I have many patients who come in to see me with no physical complaints and, once screened, are revealed to be either pre-diabetic or even diabetic!
You may not know that your annual blood test could easily miss a pre-diabetic condition.
This is a huge oversight in the medical system. That’s why it’s so important to screen yourself and your family for rising blood sugars on a regular basis”[Read On]

Pre-Diabetes Part 3: The Truth About Sweeteners – Natural and Artificial
Having a sweet tooth is normal, right? Almost every kid has one, and as we mature we learn to control it. Don’t we?
While some people do a good job managing their sugar intake, many others have fallen prey to a culture and food industry that thrives off of the sweet taste.
Even health-conscious consumers, who spend a lot of time and resources making sure their diet is clean, often struggle … [Read On]

Pre-Diabetes Part 4: The Chocolate Effect
As I wrap up this series on blood sugar and pre-diabetes, it seems only fitting to end by discussing the good and the not so good of chocolate. The research is compelling – there are so many studies touting the health benefits of cacao. The Greeks called it theobromo or “food of the gods”. Others called it the “food of the devil” – suggesting there may be a dark side to chocolate.
Let’s dip into the very controversial issue of chocolate: is it for the gods…[Read On]