Wholesale Partner Program Terms and Conditions

Acceptance into the Wholesale Partner program is contingent upon the following guidelines. These guidelines are subject to change without prior notice and program members are responsible for knowing and following them at all times. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in rejection or removal from the program without prior notice or further explanation.

  • Minimum Purchase: The Wholesale Partner discount can only be applied to orders that meet the required minimum purchase of $150.00 at wholesale pricing. Additional shipping charges may apply.
  • Wholesale Pricing Structure: LifeSpa brand products are generally available at discounts that range from 25-40% off of retail pricing. Discounts are subject to change without notice. Exact pricing details are only made available to current Wholesale Partners.
  • Professional Use Only: Wholesale Partner accounts cannot be used for personal purchases. If we suspect that you are purchasing items at wholesale pricing for your own use, we reserve the right to terminate your account immediately and permanently.
  • MSRP or Above Only: At LifeSpa we expect that Wholesale Partners will sell their products at the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price as listed on the LifeSpa Store and outlined in the Wholesale Catalog. Failure to charge at least this price may result in removal from the program. It is up to the discretion of the individual Partner whether they wish to charge more than MSRP.
  • Obligation to Collect / Report Sales & Use Tax: It is the Wholesale Partner’s legal obligation to collect/report any and all applicable sales & use tax to the relevant governing authorities. Even in localities where it is not required to be licensed as a retailer, we will request documentation indicating that you will collect these taxes whenever applicable and releasing LifeSpa from any legal liability stemming from failure to do so on your part. Failure to provide this documentation upon request may result in your application being rejected or removal from the program.
  • Ignorance is Not an Excuse: The Wholesale Partner program is intended only for the purchase of products that will be sold at retail or used in the regular course of business as defined by the relevant authorities governing your area. It is your legal obligation to know the relevant tax laws and licensing regulations governing these transactions and to abide by them at all times. Ignorance of these laws does not release you from your legal obligation to follow them.
  • WARNING: Proposition 65: If you will be selling LifeSpa products to customers in California, there are certain products that are required by law to have the Prop 65 warning. You will be required to sticker those products with Prop 65 information yourself, prior to completing the sale to any California customers. LifeSpa will supply you with the appropriate stickers in your Wholesale order. The specific products to which this rule applies can be found on our Wholesale Catalog. Visit https://store.lifespa.com/prop-65/ or reach out to info@lifespa.com to learn more.

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