Podcast Episode 136: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with Dr. Charles Hayden

Podcast Episode 136: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with Dr. Charles Hayden

July 19, 2023 | 48 minutes, 49 seconds

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In episode 136 of the Ayurveda Meets Modern Science podcast, Dr. John Douillard interviews Dr. Charles Hayden on a lesser-known depression treatment at his TMS clinic.

How Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Works

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is not a new treatment. Magnets have been used for therapy for thousands of years all around the world. In the United States, TMS was approved by the FDA in 2008 and is a cutting-edge technology that is evolving by the minute.

Charles explains that TMS is the noninvasive process of sending electromagnetic currents through a coil, creating pulses to stimulate different parts of the brain. By targeting different parts of the brain, TMS can help treat conditions including deep treatment-resistant depression, OCD, physical pain, and more.

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Why Choose Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation?

TMS is a non-invasive, safe procedure. TMS Huntsville has performed over 18,000 treatments and has a remarkable success rate. Unlike most treatments, TMS treatment can be completed in as little as 5 days. The most common side effect of TMS is discomfort at the site of stimulation or a temporary headache.

Most of us either know someone who suffers from depression or deal with it ourselves. Dr. Hayden is spreading the word about TMS and its benefits so that patients with deep major depressive disorder no longer only find it as their last resort.

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