Podcast Episode 106: Discover the Power of Your Breath with Anders Olsson

Join us for a podcast with Anders Olsson, founder of the Conscious Breathing Method. In this podcast, you will begin to discover the true power of your breath and how to harness it to improve your health and wellbeing!

December 7, 2020 | 62 minutes, 17 seconds

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Anders Olsson is a global expert on breathing, a lecturer and teacher, and the founder of the Conscious Breathing concept, as well as the author of Conscious Breathing. Over the last decade, he has helped tens of thousands of people find better health and improved quality of life. Ander’s The Conscious Breathing Retraining Program evolved out of his personal experience, courses, and research on relaxation techniques, yoga, qigong, the Buteyko Method, mental training, and body awareness, as well as feedback from several thousand students, athletes, skilled doctors, therapists, and many others. Anders says improving his breathing habits has kept him healthy, helped him find courage and freedom, and improved his relationships.

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1 thought on “Podcast Episode 106: Discover the Power of Your Breath with Anders Olsson”

  1. Thank you Dr John for bringing all of this knowledge to us! It is amazing how much there is to learn. I am 63 and am healthier than I was at any other time of my life thanks to Ayurvedic advice, in large part from you. I will definitely try the techniques suggested in this podcast to add to some of the ones I tried already. Now I see the importance of practicing them regularly rather than sporadically.
    Thank you again and be well.


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