Podcast Episode 090: Cleansing vs Fasting

Podcast Episode 090: Cleansing vs Fasting

September 16, 2019 | 51 minutes, 11 seconds

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Did you know that the number one cause of gallbladder disease is a low-to-no-fat diet? Considering gallbladder removal is the number one abdominal surgery in the US, I think this is worth talking about!

In order to contract the gallbladder and use our bile properly, you need good quality fats. If you don’t eat enough fat, the gallbladder does not contract and empty properly. You need at least 10 grams of fat per meal to contract and empty the gallbladder.

When you fast for long periods of time, you don’t contract the gallbladder, which can cause problems!

Cleansing vs Fasting

In Ayurvedic medicine, they weren’t big fans of prolonged fasting. A day or two here and there was common in India, but fasting was mostly for kapha body types or during kapha season. Ayurvedic cleanses always use ghee to contract the gallbladder and protect you from issues that can ensue from a lack of fat.

Stem cell research by Dr. Valter Longo and his Fasting Mimicking Diet allows you to eat enough fat to properly contract the gallbladder, while also getting the benefits of fasting—very intriguing!

I’m always fascinated by how Ayurveda knew to build cleanses around consumption of ghee. A part of it is: first, do no harm. Ghee allows the benefits of a prolonged fast without the risks.

I have three ghee- and kitchari-based cleanses that mimic the benefits of fasting; the Colorado Cleanse, the Short Home Cleanse, and the Kaya Kalpa Cleanse, an ancient cleanse which exactly mimics the stem cell research performed by Dr. Longo.

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