Podcast Episode 058: The Benefits of Wheat with Dr. Mercola

Podcast Episode 058: The Benefits of Wheat with Dr. Mercola

January 22, 2017 | 65 minutes, 20 seconds

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Ground-Breaking News Regarding a Gluten-Free Diet…

Join Dr. Joe Mercola and Dr. John Douillard as they discuss the newest research and information about the changing posture regarding being gluten-free. The 16-billion-dollar-a-year gluten-free industry has tainted the truth about wheat and is replacing organic, whole grain wheat with more “processed foods” like gluten-free bread – which is the most common cause of gluten intolerance!

Don’t miss this exciting interview where Dr. Joe Mercola, author of The No-Grain Diet, revises his position on wheat. The gluten-free pendulum is shifting, and this interview is a MUST-SEE!

About Dr. Mercola

Dr. Joseph Mercola has been passionate about health and technology for most of his life. As a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO), he treated thousands of patients for over 20 years.

Dr. Mercola finished his family practice residency in 1985. Because he was trained under the conventional medical model, he treated patients using prescription drugs during his first years of private practice and was actually a paid speaker for drug companies.

But as he began to experience the failures of the conventional model in his practice, he embraced natural medicine and found great success with time-tested holistic approaches. He founded The Natural Health Center (formerly The Optimal Wellness Center), which became well-known for its whole-body approach to medicine.

In 1997, Dr. Mercola integrated his passion for natural health with modern technology via the Internet. He founded the website Mercola.com to share his own health experiences and spread the word about natural ways to achieve optimal health. Mercola.com is now the world’s most visited natural health website, averaging 14 million visitors monthly and with over one million subscribers.

Dr. Mercola aims to ignite a transformation of the fatally flawed health care system in the United States, and to inspire people to take control of their health. He has made significant milestones in his mission to bring safe and practical solutions to people’s health problems.

Ayurveda Meets Modern Science is hosted by Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP, founder of LifeSpa and author of seven health books (including bestselling Eat Wheat and The 3-Season Diet), seven online courses (including Yoga Journal courses Ayurveda 101 and 201), and numerous free eBooks.

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