Podcast Episode 046: Diet, Digestion, and Weight Balancing

Podcast Episode 046: Diet, Digestion, and Weight Balancing

March 23, 2016 | 64 minutes, 6 seconds

Nature provides the ideal harvest for each season to keep you strong, healthy, energized and focused. In the winter, we naturally crave soups, nuts, warm grains, and other high fat and protein foods such as meat and fish. In the spring, we want salads, berries, and leafy greens — a naturally low-fat diet. And in the summer, when the days are long and hot, we require cooling and high-energy foods such as fruits and vegetables, which are a naturally available high carbohydrate diet.  New research suggests that our gut microbes are meant to change seasonally by the foods we eat. Seasonal microbes optimize digestion, mood and immunity – the way nature intended!

Further, Americans have lost the ability to burn fat. Inundated with added sugars in almost every product on the shelves, our bodies have adapted to burn sugar as our energy supply, when fat is our bodies preferred energy source! Of course, both work in the body as fuel – but fat is way more efficient and long-lasting compared to sugar. Sugar is quickly depleted in the body, and can leave the body completely exhausted, craving, and carrying around extra weight.

Ayurveda Meets Modern Science is hosted by Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP, founder of LifeSpa and author of seven health books (including bestselling Eat Wheat and The 3-Season Diet), seven online courses (including Yoga Journal courses Ayurveda 101 and 201), and numerous free eBooks.

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