Podcast Episode 021: Bone + Joint Health

Podcast Episode 021: Bone + Joint Health

February 17, 2015 | 38 minutes, 57 seconds

A joint or articulation is the location at which two or more bones connect. Joints can become compromised in many ways, by many types of injuries and conditions. One major factor in the decline of joint health is an irregularity or imbalance in the body’s healthy immune response. When the immune response is out of whack, the areas around joints can become painful, swollen and stiff. Over time, the joints can become severely damaged.

Moderate and appropriate exercise is beneficial as movement lubricates the joints and prevents stagnation and stiffness within the joints. Strengthening the muscles around the joints also provides an extra frontier of support, especially for the weight-bearing joints of the hips and knees, helping to avoid compression and the unnecessary friction of joints rubbing together over time, which can happen when there is not enough of a muscular support structure around a given joint.

Certain herbs are also particularly helpful for regulating a healthy immune response, breaking up scar tissue, and promoting healthy circulation. Ayurveda has long relied on the herb Boswellia serrata to support healthy joints, and balance any pain or mobility issues already present.

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