Ayurvedic Techniques to Unleash the Power of Quantum Healing

Ayurvedic Techniques to Unleash the Power of Quantum Healing

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Quantum Healing

A spontaneous healing is when the body recovers from a disease spontaneously, without apparent cause or medical care. Some call this phenomenon quantum healing. Spontaneous remissions, spontaneous regressions, or quantum healings are considered rare, although they have been documented for hundreds, even thousands, of years.1

In this article, I’ll explore the ancient wisdom and modern science that might explain a quantum or spontaneous healing.

The Cause of Disease

The cause of all disease, according to Ayurveda, is prajnapradh, translated as the “mistake of the intellect” or “crimes against wisdom.” It’s understood that when mind and body start to function independently, without a connection to each other, they lose the memory (smriti) of how to function all together.

To avoid disease, Ayurveda suggests that body, mind, and spirit (consciousness) must all work as one. If the body is stressed, depleted, or exhausted, the mind will be, too. And vice versa. This results in a survival mindset that seeks pleasure, reward, stimulation, or instant gratification at any cost.

Overstimulation of the mind drives the body to exhaustion and conditions the mind to seek ever more powerful sources of satisfaction or stimulation. Over time, chronic overstimulation can lead to depletion or retreat in the name of protecting any residual reserves. This can manifest as fear, anxiety, depression, anger, resentment, violence, and isolationism.

We’ve all heard the saying “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” and this surely applies in self-healing. New discoveries may have found the mechanism to explain these age-old spontaneous healings.

First, on a physical level, it has become more accepted that all body systems work in coordination. When one system becomes depleted, another will compensate. Too many stressed or depleted systems cause multiple layers of physiological compensation that eventually break down your body, leaving the parts disconnected from whole and forcing them to function independently. This is classically demonstrated when the body converts the reproductive hormone progesterone into the adrenal hormone cortisol to fight stress, creating a reproductive hormonal imbalance. Soon, without the body, mind, organs, and organ systems working together in harmony, optimal health is impossible.

The treatment of prajnaparadh, according to Ayurveda, is to restore the memory of the whole to the parts and thus allow the body, mind, and spirit to function as one unit. To accomplish this, the body’s awareness has to be brought to the place where the parts and whole were first separated. To understand how to accomplish this, we need to employ some quantum physics.

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Quantum Field Theory

From the quantum and Vedic perspectives, restoring the whole means restoring the memory of pure consciousness to the imbalanced, and fragmented body parts. Here, the whole is a quantum field of consciousness and the parts represent all matter and body parts. Ayurveda employs tools to bring your awareness to that subtle place between consciousness and physiology.

Quantum field theory now tells us that at the most subtle levels, we are fluctuations of certain electromagnetic fields that concentrate into physical matter. If these fields are destined to become matter, then there must be a place where electromagnetic fields and the physical expression of these fields meet—and there is: photons, or particles of light. By definition, photons are particles that comprise an electromagnetic field In the body, these sub-atomic information carrying particles are called biophotons.15

Vedic Quantum Healing through Biophotons

It has been known for decades that the body emits large quantities of biophotons (photons produced by the body) and we are just beginning to understand how they work.

By definition biophotons are the particles that exist at the junction between the quantum fields and physiology or consciousness and matter. The human body is both a transmitter and receiver of biophotons. DNA emits coherent and incoherent biophotons. Studies have found that yoga, breathing, and meditation techniques reduce the amount of stressed, or incoherent, biophotons and increase coherent and potentially healing biophotons.15,16

One of the mechanisms that may explain how yoga, breathing, and meditation work to help us feel whole is related to biophotons. By increasing the production of coherent biophotons we may be able to access higher states of self-awareness. Self-awareness, from the Vedic perspective, means being more aware of the self or one’s own consciousness. This heightened self-awareness can naturally still, calm, and organize the mind and body, creating a “union” or “yoga” between the mind, body, and quantum field.17

Studies also tell us that quantum information-carrying biophotons are altered by and can carry intention. This may explain the healing effects of introducing a subtle intention during a meditation or prayer.

The new science on biophotons can help us understand prajnaparadha, or the cause of disease.18

In other words, biophotons may be a vehicle to restore the memory of consciousness within the imbalanced and fragmented parts of the physical body. Restoring this connection may to a mechanism for both slow-paced and spontaneous healing.

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Putting It All Together

Today there are many quantum field theories, including unified field theories and zero point field theories, that suggest an underlying energy field that predates the Big Bang and pervades everything is the source of all matter. Einstein and Max Planck (the father of quantum physics) called this underlying unified field “intelligent” or “informed.” This intelligence could be consciousness itself. A photon, or human biophoton, may have consciousness too, as it can be altered through intention.

Ayurveda believes that when consciousness becomes matter, or the body, and the matter forgets that it comes from a field of consciousness, there is a separation or memory loss that can cause disease.

The treatment, then, includes putting one’s attention at the junction between consciousness and matter. From here, awareness is allowed to shine into the field of consciousness and the physical body at the same time. With awareness connecting the physical body with the field of consciousness, the memory of pure consciousness can be restored to the body.

The parts are now reconnected with the whole. It’s like putting a light in a doorway: the light shines into both rooms at the same time, leaving no more separation—it all becomes one, a union, a yoga!

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6 Ways to Connect Consciousness and Matter

Ayurveda describes many healing techniques that connect consciousness with matter. These techniques are known to bring the body’s awareness to the place where it can join consciousness. The following are just some of the techniques aimed at accomplishing this:

  1. Pulse-taking as a diagnostic and healing technique
  2. Marma therapy: marma points are said to be junction points between consciousness and matter
  3. Meditation
  4. Ayurvedic massage
  5. Senses therapies (sound, touch, sight, taste, smell)
  6. Yoga and pranayama
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Disclaimer: While this emerging research is fascinating and offers exciting potential for future medical application, to date there is no replicated evidence that spontaneous remission or other self-healing phenomena can be reproduced in a clinical setting or be offered as a substitute for conventional medical treatment. Always consult your medical practitioner before embarking on any course of treatment for a known or suspected medical condition.

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