Avipattikar Churna: Benefits, Side Effects, Ayurvedic Uses

Avipattikar Churna: Benefits, Side Effects, Ayurvedic Uses

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Occasional Heartburn

Occasional heartburn is not a new phenomenon and Ayurveda talked much about it.

In a general sense, occasional heartburn is an imbalance of pitta. Pitta is the fire of the body and is seated in the stomach. Excess pitta in the stomach is classically linked to heartburn.

Ayurveda suggests simple strategies to help reduce the excess pitta, such as eating foods that are mostly cooling and avoiding foods that are spicy or heating.

To make this easy to decipher, foods that have these tastes will be heating and should be avoided: salty, sour, pungent foods.

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Digging Deeper Into the Cause with Ayurveda

While balancing pitta is an important first step, it is also important to probe further into the cause. For example, why is heat building up in the stomach in the first place?

According to Ayurveda, the cause of this is upward-moving digestive energy. This is when the downward movement of the digestive tract is slowed, sometimes even reversed, allowing the acid and food contents of the stomach to linger for an extended period of time. This can cause occasional heartburn, gas, burping, and discomfort.

The longer the contents of the stomach linger there, the greater the chance for indigestion. Over time, after bouts of too much acid lingering in the stomach, the stomach can actually reduce the production of stomach acid in order to protect the stomach lining.

This is when antacids can really present a problem—lowering stomach acid when it is actually low, rather than high!

Avipattikar Churna – Cool Digest

Occasional heartburn can be caused by either too much acid or too little acid being produced in the stomach.

The solution to this is a powerful Ayurvedic herbal blend called Avipattikar churna, which makes up LifeSpa’s Cool Digest. Churna means mixture or blend. With 15 herbs in combination, Cool Digest has shown to naturally balance stomach acid production:

  1. Indian Jalap Root
  2. Clove Bud
  3. Indian Cassia Leaf
  4. Cardamom Seed
  5. Vidanga Fruit
  6. Cyperus Root
  7. Amla Fruit
  8. Belleric Myrobalan Fruit
  9. Chebulic Myrobalan
  10. Long Pepper Fruit
  11. Black Pepper Fruit
  12. Ginger Root
  13. Phyllanthus emblica (Amla Fruit)
  14. Tinospora cordifolia (Indian Tinospora Stem)
  15. Asafetida Resin (with Fenugreek Seed)

Instead of increasing or decreasing stomach acid, Avipattikar churna safely and effectively supports the healthy lubrication or buffering of the stomach lining while supporting the normal production of stomach acid. (3)

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Need Support?

Ayurvedic Supplements with Avipattikar churna

Cool DigestStress causes the digestive system to produce excess stomach acid. Excess stomach acid may overheat the system and disrupt the delicate balance of the stomach wall’s mucus lining. This can result in weakened digestion and a hot and irritated stomach and/or upper intestinal lining. The acid can also creep up into the esophagus causing occasional heartburn.*

Combining Amalaki, Guduchi, and other traditional Ayurvedic herbs, Cool Digest is formulated to kindle digestive fire while cooling and balancing the mucosa of the stomach wall and boosting bile flow. For a system that is experiencing excess heat, Cool Digest provides excellent support.*


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