Fish Oils Boost Lymphatic Flow

Fish Oils Boost Lymphatic Flow

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Boosting Lymphatic Channels

The lymphatic system acts as a detox pathway, energy and nutrient delivery as well as the carrier channels for the immune system. Studies suggest that one of the reasons for the breakdown of the digestive system and resultant lymphatic congestion is that when undigested proteins enter the small intestine and fats are incompletely broken down, they are picked up in the collecting ducts of the lymphatic system instead of the bloodstream. (1)

Over time, the lymphatic channels can break down, age and congest – rendering them unable to do their job. Much of the cause of these issues is a diet of processed, cooked, refined, bleached and deodorized oils that have been used in most packaged foods to extend shelf life. (2)

These indigestible fats can be traced to liver and bile congestion that compromises fat metabolism and stomach acid production – essentially altering and diminishing the body’s digestive and detox strength. (2)

One of the solutions to care for the lymphatic channels is to feed the body with good, high quality lymph-moving fats. In a handful of recent studies, the omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils (EPA and DHA) have been found to support healthy lymphatic function. (345)

In one study, omega-3 fish oils were found to help remove toxins off the intestinal wall by increasing the lymphatic flow that drains the intestinal tract. The study suggested that fish oils help flush lymphatic channels and thus may maintain intestinal health and integrity. (3) Lack of intestinal integrity is directly linked to a host of health concerns, including food intolerances and digestive imbalances.

In another study, lymphatic congestion has been linked to the congestion of the newly discovered brain glymphatics (tiny brain lymph vessels) suggesting that supporting healthy systemic lymphatic flow supports the entire lymphatic-glymphatic system – both supported by EPA and DHA fish oil supplementation. (456)

In addition, fish oil supplementation has been shown to enhance brain cell response to challenges in memory and cognition. Fish oils – which are delivered to the brain via the lymphatic channels – support the fluid transmission across nerve cells that support the protective myelin sheath as well as core brain functions such as learning, memory and sleep. (6)

Get 3x The Benefits Out Of Your Fish Oils

As a result of the breakdown of digestive strength caused by 5 decades of processed foods and refined vegetable oils, many folks have compromised digestive pancreatic and gallbladder function. Consequently, many have a difficult time breaking down traditional fish oils, requiring them to take massive dosages to achieve clinical results.

A new patented delivery system for EPA and DHA fish oils has increased absorption by a whopping 300 percent – which allows for significantly lower dosages and smaller capsules. The delivery system uses monoglyceride vs. triglyceride fish oil molecules, which are by nature in a readily absorbable form and bypass the body’s normal fat digestion process in the liver and pancreas.

LifeSpa’s new Mini Omega 3X Fish Oil Softgels deliver EPA and DHA beneficial fish oils at three times the absorption rate to deliver the omega-3’s directly into the bloodstream. >>> Learn more here


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