Chicken Soup for Joint Pain

Chicken Soup for Joint Pain

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Cartilage and Collagen

As we age, the wear and tear on the joints break down the cartilage or smooth lining of the joints. Cartilage is made up mostly of a very elastic protein called collagen – the same protein that prevents wrinkles!

When joints age, the cartilage breaks down and small collagen fibers tear and fray into the joint space. This irritates the joint, triggering an inflammatory response that can lead to arthritis.

When the killer T cells rush to the joint site, they mistakenly perceive these small collagen fibers as foreign and call for a full-blown inflammatory attack on them. This process is what researchers now believe to be the primary cause of both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis (1).

Chicken Collagen for Joint Pain

So, researchers sought to discover a form of collagen that the killer T cells would not perceive as foreign, and they found it in Chicken Soup (2).

It is called Type II Chicken Collagen and it has the remarkable ability to induce killer T cell tolerance in the small exposed collagen fibers that trigger arthritis.

This means that the body does not trigger a painful inflammatory response to normal wear and tear of the joints. It is, after all, this overzealous immune reaction that triggers arthritic changes.

In one study (and there are many), 60 patients with rheumatoid arthritis were given Type II Chicken Collagen for 3 months.

Their pain decreased significantly and, in 14% of the subjects, their rheumatoid arthritis went into complete remission (3).

So, chicken soup is back on the menu! Be sure to add the bones, as it is the cartilage on the bones that will provide the Type II Chicken Collagen needed to turn off the inflammatory response in your joints.


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