Copper + Immunity: Amazing Science

Copper + Immunity: Amazing Science


In Ayurveda, cooking with copper, drinking overnight first morning water out of copper cups, and scraping the tongue with copper tongue scrapers are daily practices that date back thousands of years.

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Copper for Infection Risk: Ancient Wisdom with Profound Science

A recent study in the Journal of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology followed 650 ICU patients in 16 rooms over one year. Half had copper-surfaced objects inside and the other half did not. Both rooms were tracked for infection rates among the patients.

Rooms with copper-surfaced objects had half the incidence of infection compared to rooms without copper! Rate of MRSA (methicillin-resistant staph infections) in the copper rooms was significantly lower than in the non-copper rooms. This study was replicated and, once again, it was concluded that patients in ICU rooms with copper alloy surfaces had significantly lower rates of healthcare-acquired infections and/or colonization with MRSA or vancomycin-resistant enterococcus than did patients in standard rooms.1,2

Another study, in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, found copper alloy surfaces reduced the “microbial burden,” that is, bacteria counts (colony-forming units) found on surfaces by 83%!1

In a 2015 study, anti-viral properties of copper alloy surfaces were evaluated on human coronavirus 229E, responsible for SARS and MERS. The results were astonishing:

“Human coronavirus 229E was rapidly inactivated on a range of copper alloys within a few minutes for simulated fingertip contamination. Exposure to copper destroyed the viral genomes and irreversibly affected virus morphology.3

They concluded that, “copper alloy surfaces could be employed in communal areas and at any mass gatherings to help reduce transmission of respiratory viruses from contaminated surfaces and protect the public health.”3

There are no shortage of these copper studies. A hospital wing equipped with copper-lined linens and copper objects for just over a year was evaluated for the rate of healthcare-acquired infections compared to a hospital wing without copper-containing objects. The results were again amazing!

There was a 78% reduction in healthcare-acquired infections, 83% fewer cases of C. difficile, and 68% fewer healthcare-acquired infections due to multidrug-resistant organisms.6 There were no changes in rates of healthcare-acquired infections in the unmodified hospital wing.6

In 2008, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) recognized copper as the first antimicrobial metal. In in vitro assays, solid copper surfaces killed 99.9% of microorganisms within two hours of contact.7 The bactericidal activity of copper is mainly attributed to the release of ions, which affect the integrity of the membrane and/or bacterial wall, generate intracellular oxidative stress, and are genotoxic, resulting in death of microorganisms.

Copper for Lymph Support

It was traditionally believed that copper supported lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system is the gatekeeper immunity. Copper ions were believed to absorb into lymph and blood and support a healthy immune response. Studies on copper-deficient (compared to copper-sufficient) rodents support this theory. Natural absorption of cholesterol and chylomicrons into the intestinal lymphatic system was severely compromised in copper-deficient rodents.5

For years, copper deficiency was not a big concern because most Americans had copper pipes delivering their water, which perhaps offered copper ions. Today, most copper pipes have been replaced by plastic, and few people drink right from the tap. Depending on the filtration method, filtered water may be stripped of any copper ions it may have once contained.

How to Get More Copper

Note: Ingesting too much copper can be toxic. Studies report ingesting copper in excess of 1 gram (1,000 mg) can cause toxicity to the central nervous system, liver, and cardiovascular system.4 If you are concerned, a hair analysis or mineral blood test can access your levels. Check with your doctor before ingesting copper.

Maybe it’s time to break out the copper cups again. It was traditional to fill a copper cup before bed and drink the whole glass first thing in the morning. Bottoms up!

If hanging copper decorations in hospital rooms can decrease the rate of microbial contamination, break out the copper bracelets and for sure use copper tongue scrapers!

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  2. Our dog died of too much copper accumulation in the liver. Your “note” following the “How to Get More Copper” is a little too dismissive of the potentially harmful effects of copper.

        • I am ex machinist and loaded with heavy metals. The smaller the organism, the more dangerous is copper. Good to clean you water from pathogens. But, what now, when people are more “loaded”, read: toxic? Loaded with Quicksilver Amalgams, titanium, nickel, &c and in same time wearing metal Eyeglasses, watches, bracelets, rings with different polarity? You body will serve them as salty battery solution. All this voltage will overpower cells electrical communications. -7 microvolts?
          I am the man, but I know that women are using copper spirals to kill all spermatozoids ( small organism).
          Hmm. I listened to one alternativ doctor from Germany. He called electrician to fix lights above his office aquarium tank. Electrician dropped small piece of copper wire in water. Next morning, doctor found all fishes dead…..
          A little bit of metals are okey, but superconductive overload is going to shorten some brain circuitry? Or at minimum give you the Tinnitus? So the big question is, what is worse: to much chlorine or to much copper in pipes? Lead pipes are big no( Flint, Mi). UV lights are cleaner solution?

          • How to use metals smartly? Know you Fire
            Copper surfaces to kill pathogens, metal roofs to shield from
            microwave radiation ,&c tested positive for health. But we are absolutely ignorant what industry and medicine is doing to make easiest and biggest buck. Do we need metals in teeth and jaws and bones (mercury, gold, nickel, silver, titanium) when clearly tested zirconium oxide is doing much better? Meat isn’t stressed and infected by contact. Prophylactic ( vaccines) with mercury and aluminium, so “medicine” will not spread out in tissues and be easier target for body to make antibodies? Cure more toxic then disease for everyone? Still her (Flint, MI), lead pipes in this richest country in the world, even if we knew that one of the reasons Rome empire went down, because of same use? Build faster homes with copper pipes? Oops. Chlorine dissolves to much. Also no good. Government is adding aluminum dust in drinking water. No oops there. Most people don’t know about that. And most are ignorant about added rusty iron in breads and pastas. Na ja. Make people vote more “aggressive”. And when they die, they cant decompose at all from this technological ”stuff”. Balsamed as Pharaohs. With Alzheimer.
            I went to Amazon to find book about Toxicology. Handbook on toxicology of metals, 1500 pages and 370$. No wonder, that our fine government needs to hire “industry” specialists in this banksters complex times. Why make simple, when you can make complicated?

  3. I was just 30 minutes ago wishing there were copper water bowls for cats and dogs available, so my pets could enjoy the morning copper-cup of water that I do for health!

  4. Interesting point of whether someone believes the Bible account… back in the days when the priest and his helpers would carry out their duties God required they be holy and clean and wash their hands and feet prior to their work. The basin they washed in was made of copper. Also a number of the instruments and utensils they handled regularly were made of copper. All this 3,500 years ago!

    • hmmm wash their hands… like before eating? like the pharacies demanded God to force his disciples to do before eating crops?

    • hmmm wash their hands… like before eating? like the pharacies demanded God to force his disciples to do before eating crops?

  5. can we put “old” pennies (ones made from all-copper) in a glass and soak them overnight?
    How do we clean copper to prevent oxidation?

  6. As I understand it, copper and zinc need to be in a balance within our system, and most people are zinc deficient due to soul depletion, so…?

    I do wear a copper bracelet in day and anklet at night. The grounding factor seems to be very helpful to me.

  7. Copper bowls would need to be inspected for solder at seams. Some contain lead and other nasty stuff you would not want to soak your beverage in. If it’s just decorative, how much do you trust the metal? A lot is just copper plate over junk.
    Food grade copper is used in French mixing bowls and is a distinctive color.
    I’m also very curious about cleaning old pennies for use in water, but nobody ever answers these questions.

  8. sorry people, i’m being heavily censored… i’m resorting to hacking ways just to is time for unsubscribing from where you are hated!

    • We are not heavily censoring you. The way you write triggers our spam filters which automatically removes some comments.

      We only delete your comments if you are mean or rude to other people in the comments.

      LifeSpa Staff

  9. Wondering where to find a reputable on line site to purchase copper products such as cups, pitchers and tongue scrapers?


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