Wholesale Partner Program FAQs and More Details


  • Do you accept returns? Wholesale Partner returns will be accepted using the guidelines detailed in our standard Return Policy.
  • Do you offer drop shipping? At this time, Wholesale Partners are expected to stock their own inventory and be able to provide merchandise to their customers directly.
  • Am I authorized to sell on Amazon or other similar online retail sites? No. The Wholesale Partner program is intended to help practitioners, healthcare professionals, and other retailers stock and sell our products at a profit. LifeSpa retains the sole rights to offering our products on any online commercial retail websites not independently owned and operated by Wholesale Partners.
  • How can I place my order? Once accepted into the program, Wholesale Partners may place their orders online through the LifeSpa Store or by calling us directly with your account and payment information.
  • What payment methods do you accept? LifeSpa accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Check, Money Order, or Checkout by PayPal. Please note that if you choose to pay by check or money order, your order will not be shipped until funds have been received and cleared.
  • How is shipping processed? Wholesale Partner orders are processed using the guidelines detailed in our Shipping FAQ.
  • What are the Wholesale Partner discount rates? LifeSpa brand products are available at discounts that are 25% off of retail pricing. Discounts are subject to change without notice. Exact pricing details are only made available to current Wholesale Partners.

More Details on Required Documents:

Business Registration Paperwork

Most states and provinces (and even some municipalities) require that anyone engaged in the business of reselling consumer goods or using them in the regular course of business register to ensure they are collecting and remitting Sales & Use Tax, where applicable. Different governing bodies sometimes have different names for these taxes, such as Transaction Privilege Tax or Gross Receipts Tax. Regardless of the nomenclature, every business subject to these taxes is expected to collect and remit them unless a specific exemption written into the local or state/provincial laws applies.

If you are a business subject to collecting these taxes, licensing documentation is issued by your state, county, province, or municipality, depending on local laws. This is usually a certified document that you are required to prominently display at your place of business and it may or may not need to be renewed periodically. Different jurisdictions refer to this document as a Seller’s Permit, Sales Tax License, Certificate of Registration, Retail License, Reseller Permit, Vendor’s License, etc. In general, it is unlawful for any person to carry on any business, trade, profession, calling, occupation or gainful activity without this documentation if the business buys to resell tangible goods and services.

Additionally, depending on the category of your business, you may be required by your municipality to obtain a Business License and to follow certain local regulations to maintain your business in good standing with them.

NOTE: You are NOT required to collect state sales tax in Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, or Oregon. However, most of these states do still require that you register as a business operating within their jurisdiction and many require a license to operate a business, depending on the nature of your business. Within these states you may still be responsible for collecting local or municipal taxes, depending on your location. Most businesses operating within the United States are required to register for a Federal Employer Identification Number, with a few specific exceptions for businesses operating as a sole proprietorship.

Please check with your accountant, attorney and/or state office to ensure that you are operating legally with all the required paperwork.

Resale Certificate Paperwork

Wholesale purchases are a special category of transactions where one registered business is selling to another at a discount without collecting sales & use tax. To ensure that these transactions only occur between individuals and businesses that are qualified to take advantage of type of purchase, most vendors will require that purchasing businesses fill out and sign legal forms indicating that they are purchasing their goods for resale or for use during the regular course of business and that they will collect any applicable taxes at the final point of sale, or remit them if the goods are used during the regular course of business.

Most localities that issue business registration paperwork, and even some that do not, will provide blank versions of these forms for businesses to use. They are usually referred to as a Resale Certificate, but may also be known as a Sale Tax Exemption Certificate or a Certificate of Resale. If you are living in a jurisdiction that currently provides these forms or expects merchants operating in their area to use them, we will require you to fill one out completely, sign it, and send a copy in to us. This is our way of ensuring that we have proper documentation on file showing we have done our due diligence and releasing us from any liability due to failure on your part to collect and remit any taxes owed to the relevant governing bodies or your area.

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