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Natural Detox | Free Video Training

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A Free 4-Part Video Training Series:  Natural Detox - Critical Strategy to How to Detox Your Body Naturally Get Access Now I'm so excited to share this free video training series with you, packed with information about how to detox your body effectively and naturally. This free  video training series is the authoritative in-depth guide

March Podcast | All About Ghee with the Founders of Farmtrue

6662 Gunpark Dr East, Suite 102, Boulder, CO

Join us for a conversation with Kim Welch and Lynn Goodwin, founders of Farmtrue. In this interview, Dr. John will dive into how our amazing ghee gets from farm to table, as well as all the benefits of ghee for cleansing.  This episode will be released on 3/15; subscribe to the LifeSpa podcast on any


Lecture: The Digestive Immunity Connection

Join Dr. Douillard on Monday April 5th, from 12pm - 12:45pm MDT, as he discusses the connection between digestion and immunity, lymph and immunity, as well as congested lymphatic systems and immunity.

Colorado Cleanse

Participate From Your Home

We hold two group cleanses per year, in the spring and the fall. The Colorado Cleanse is a 14-day, at-home Ayurvedic digestive detox and lymph cleanse program. You will cleanse with a community of hundreds of people around the world. John Douillard provides step-by-step guidance via live Q&A calls, video lectures, daily emails with tips

2021 Global Resilience Summit

Join Dr. Douillard, along with 40+ world-class experts, in the interactive Global Resilience Summit. The event is free and begins on May 24th and runs through May 29th, 2021. Topics to be discussed include how to deal with the incredible challenges of the global pandemic and climate change, plus more on finding resilience in your life.

2021 Pranayama Summit

Join Dr. Douillard, along with 24 other wisdom keepers, in the first-ever High on Breath, High on Life Pranayama Summit. The event is free and begins on June 20th and runs through June 27th, 2021. All profits from this fundraiser will go towards Covid Relief in India. Sign up between June 8th and June 18th.

2021 Transforming Your Health Summit: Lifestyle Shifts for Radiant Well-being

Join Dr. Douillard in the Transforming Your Health Summit: Lifestyle Shifts for Radiant Well-being. The event is free and begins on June 28th and runs through July 2nd, 2021. Topics include the 5 pillars of wellness as powerful tools to support your mental health, strengthen your mind-body connection, and uplift your soul.

FREE Circadian Rhythm Master Class

Join Dr. Douillard for our free 4-part video series on circadian rhythms, from August 23rd to September 7th. Topics include circadian plan, life, sleep, lunar cycles, daily cycles, and seasonal cycles.