Your Digestible Guide to Gut Health

A thriving microbiome can help you feel clear, grounded, healthy, and whole. Here, Dr. John Douillard’s Ayurvedic-inspired advice for creating the right conditions for optimal gut health.

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Your Digestible Guide to Gut Health

According to the thousands-year-old holistic health tradition of Ayurveda, the key to maintaining a healthy gut is using kind and gentle therapies to restore an environment conducive for a healthy microbiome.

Ayurveda tells us that a healthy microbiome can lighten your mood, boost your focus, give you energy during the day, and help you access deep sleep at night. Most of today’s health concerns, such as indigestion, food intolerances, inflammation, pain, and metabolic issues start as a result of a disturbed intestinal environment and unhealthy microbiome.

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What Our Digestible Guide to Gut Health eBook Covers

  • The Ayurvedic perspective on gut health
  • Information on the link between gut health, digestion, and your lymphatic system
  • How to avoid bad microbiome bugs
  • Ways to build a healthy microbiome
  • A plan for optimal gut health

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  1. Dr. D….am wondering if I want to do the Colorado Cleanse, can I use my own homemade ghee and kitchari or do I have to use your products??


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