Structured Water: What It Means, and How You Can Benefit

Structured Water: What It Means, and How You Can Benefit

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What is Structured Water?

We all know that water can be seen as a liquid, solid (ice), or gas (water vapor). Within any pool of water, when all the H2O molecules are acting as individual molecules bouncing off each other, it is said to be incoherent or unstructured. When the H2O molecules are bound together into a liquid crystalline structure, it is said to be coherent or structured.

Ice, even though it is a solid, can be a coherent or incoherent grouping of H2O molecules depending on the coherence of the water before it was frozen. In nature, water that comes out of a natural spring is said to be coherent. Water in a flowing river can become structured or coherent by the swirling of the currents as the water swiftly moves downstream. The earth’s magnetism is known to create coherent water naturally in some cases. The problem is that water sources can quickly become incoherent or unstructured as they are impacted by our environment.

How the Water Changes with the Environment

The electromagnetic spectrum consists of solar and cosmic radiation. The spectrum moves from very long gamma waves to very short radio waves; the spectrum of visible light that we can see is somewhere in the middle. All the frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum (including X-rays, microwaves, ultraviolet light, and infrared light) penetrate our atmosphere. Water is a broadband absorber of these electromagnetic frequencies.

Many scientists have been able to get water to become coherent and enter a structured water state, but it can quickly go out of coherence. Research has found that water is not only an absorber of electromagnetism but also an excellent absorber of man-made electromagnetic frequencies as well.

Satellite radiation, Wi-Fi signals, cell phone towers, the gauss from high tension electricity wires, and pollution all play a role in how easily water may become coherent and how quickly that water will spontaneously become incoherent.

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In 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that 99% of the world’s population is breathing air above the safe limits set by the WHO. The United Nations recently issued a report stating that air pollution is the number one environmental health threat; in 2019, the EPA reported that 70 million tons of chemicals are dumped into our atmosphere every year. All of these toxins end up in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water that our plants and bodies depend on. Water is a polar molecule, and is therefore extremely sensitive to its environment.

There is an emerging science that suggests that creating coherent water may offer a level of protection against the polluted environment we have created.

The Fourth Phase of Water

Dr. Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington has been researching water for decades. He discovered that plants naturally purify the water they ingest before allowing the water to enter the cell. Once inside the cell, the water spontaneously takes on a coherent, hexagonal structure that is not a solid, liquid, or gas. It is a gel-like structure that he discusses at length in his book The Fourth Phase of Water.

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The Science of Structured (Coherent) Water

In one relevant study, animals drank structured water for three months. Researchers found that the animals experienced increased growth rates, healthier blood sugar, better insulin sensitivity, improved lipid profiles, healthier sperm, and enhanced tissue conductivity (electrical transfer for cellular energy).

However, in this study, the water was only able to stay in a structured state for 3.5 months. This has been a barrier to conducting research on structured water. The water used in the studies could very quickly become unstructured and, thus, no different than regular tap water.

In the last 15 years, researchers in the Netherlands have been conducting studies on the benefits of coherent water and how to create a structured water source that would stay structured indefinitely, regardless of environmental exposure. About a  year and a half ago, a company called Analemma Water released an evidence-based technology that creates an infinite supply of coherent water with a shelf life of up to 6 years.

Analemma Coherent Water

The researchers at Analemma created a super coherent “mother water” source and made a wand device that can indefinitely bring incoherent water into coherence. Each batch of “mother water” takes a year to make and will stay permanently structured. By putting the super coherent “mother water” into a conductive quartz crystal tube, they created a device to make coherent water anywhere. The crystal tube is used to swirl or stir any tap water or incoherent water. The tap water, after stirring for just 15-30 seconds, will stay structured for up to six years. The fascinating science behind this coherent water creation method led me to interview Analemma CEO Mario Brainovic on my podcast to learn more.

Coherent Water Increases Cellular Energy

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the form of energy within the human body that every cell utilizes in order to function. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study,  participants did not know whether they were drinking tap water or Analemma water. They drank 1.5 liters per day for just two months. The results showed that the group that drank the coherent water had almost three times the increase in ATP within their blood than the placebo group.

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Longevity and Coherent Water

In a 2021 study,  coherent water was put to the test with GlycanAge (the gold standard for measuring biological aging and immunity).  Glycans are sugar molecules attached to proteins that respond to the lifestyle choices we make. The main antibody proteins of the human immune system (immunoglobulins) can be marked with different glycans, which determine whether the protein’s role will be anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory.

For the GlycanAge study, 19 adult humans consumed Analemma water for 3 months with no other changes to their diet or lifestyle. After just 3 months of drinking coherent water, their biological age decreased by an average of 3.79 years. In 3 months’ time, the lowest age reversal was 1 year and the highest was 12 years! The data showed that 99% of all participants were experiencing a younger biological age.

Microbiome Benefits of Coherent Water

In a 2022 double-blind, placebo-controlled study, changes in the human microbiome from drinking Analemma water were evaluated. Participants drank the coherent water for 2 months. There was a 17% improvement in dysbiosis (altered gut bacteria) in the group that drank Analemma water compared to the placebo. This is relevant for many health issues, as research has linked a healthy and diverse microbiome to optimal health and longevity in so many ways.

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Brain Wave Coherence

Brain wave coherence, which is a measure of higher brain functioning, refers to when the different areas of the brain are working together as one, as opposed to the brain’s different parts firing sporadically. In a study twins conducted on a pair of identical twins, one twin drank Analemma water and the other drank regular water. Immediately after ingesting the Analemma water, brain wave coherence occurred in 19 different areas of the brain. There were no brain wave changes in the twin who drank regular water. These effects were noticed immediately and continued to be seen after a week of Analemma water consumption.

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Plant Health

Coherent water’s benefits go beyond the human body; the impacts are seen in plant life as well. In one of the earlier studies in 2021, Analemma water treatment was seen to significantly increase soil fertility. Analemma increased parameters such as total nitrogen and nitrogen delivery capacity, which indicate increased soil and plant fertility and productivity. Watering plants with coherent water increases the rate at which plants absorb minerals.

In the same study, the plants that were watered with Analemma water had a more diverse soil microbiome than plants watered with regular water. This study suggests that not only will the plants be healthier, but the fruits and vegetables grown with coherent water will also be healthier to consume. More studies exploring coherent water and agriculture are underway.

5G Research

Researchers at the Analemma lab found that when water and plants were exposed to 5G electromagnetic frequencies, their ability to conduct microcurrents was dramatically reduced. There are studies on both sides of the aisle as to whether EMFs from cell phones are harmful, and we may never know the actual impact cell phones are having on us on a subtle level of health.

In this study,  they introduced 5G into both plants and rainwater and saw an immediate drop in microcurrent conductivity—something essential for life. When they introduced 5G to Analemma coherent water and plants watered with it, there was an immediate drop in microcurrent conductivity but then a quick return to normal conductivity. This study suggests that coherent water may provide a certain level of cellular protection from EMF radiation.

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