Dr. John’s Free Ayurvedic eBook Roundup

Dr. John’s Free Ayurvedic eBook Roundup


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Dive Deep in 2020 with One of Dr. John’s Free eBooks

Every day, I’m asked to go deeper into a particular subject. I do my best to write articles and shoot videos in response to these requests.

Along the way, in an attempt to make the information easier to grasp and spare you the hassle of searching through my articles, I (with the help of my amazing team) have published 11 eBooks that take a deep dive into the most searched topics at LifeSpa.com.

These full-color eBooks are extremely comprehensive, full of research backing ancient wisdom, and, best of all, they are FREE. If you bought this info in a book, they would cost about $20 each (haha-maybe not that much), totaling $220.00 in free knowledge!

So here is our Happy New Year $220 2020 Free Gift to you. Each eBook is free to you forever and to share with your friends in 2020 and beyond—knowledge is always free at LifeSpa.com

Take a look at our eBook menu below and take a deeper dive into health in 2020!

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Kaya Kalpa Stem Cell Cleanse

Today, with the popularity of intermittent fasting, time-restricted eating, and caloric restriction, and with so many of our cleansers ready for the next step, I felt it was time to introduce our five-day Kaya Kalpa Cleanse.

The words kaya kalpa mean body transformation—this is transformation on a mental, physical, and emotional level. The point of this traditional protocol is not just health and longevity, but heightened self-awareness from which we can change mental, emotional, and physical patterns linked to ill health. 

Digestive Troubleshooting Guide


  1. Digestion, Lymph + Emotions
  2. Digestion Starts in a Healthy Mouth
  3. Get the Right Stomach Acid
  4. Occasional Heartburn
  5. Liver + Pancreas
  6. 5 Major Causes of Candida + SIBO
  7. Bowel Movements Matter
  8. Eat the Right Fiber
  9. Importance of Lymph
  10. Microbiome

Did you know 74% of Americans experience some form of digestive distress?

With optimal digestion being the driver of a healthy immune system, balanced moods, steady energy, stable blood sugar, and strong vitality, this is a very disturbing statistic!

Many factors contribute to breakdown of our digestive systems, including stress, pesticides on foods, refined and processed foods, and a host of lifestyle imbalances insidious in our culture.

In this eBook, I take you step by step through each of these factors, while helping rebuild your digestive strength with diet, herbs, and lifestyle tips.

Miracle of Lymph

Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom of moving lymph for optimal health is now proven by modern science, creating a compelling case to be mindful of our lymph health through diet and lifestyle choices. If Ayurveda—still one of the largest systems of medicine in the world—has been saying for at least 5,000 years that study of lymph is study of longevity, then lymph deserves our attention.

Based on nearly 100 scientific references, this eBook provides a comprehensive understanding of the lymphatic system, lymphatic congestion, and how it relates to the other major systems of the body.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding the Lymphatic System
  • Common Symptoms of Lymphatic Congestion
  • How Lymph Affects Mental Health
  • The Lymph-Skin Connection
  • The Lymph-Cellulite Connection
  • The Lymph-Reproductive System Connection
  • Plus much more!

Ayurveda for a Healthy Family

This free 75-page eBook offers many surprisingly simple Ayurvedic secrets to raising a healthy family and enjoying a physically, emotionally, and spiritually happy life.

Safe Liver + Gallbladder Cleansing

I’ve administered this liver and gallbladder flush in my practice for more than 30 years with great success. While this is a very effective protocol, it is not meant for everyone.

To ensure best results and avoid any potential side effects, there are a series of preparatory steps that I feel everyone should take before proceeding with the flush. In this eBook, I guide you through the steps to prepare for a safe and effective liver and gallbladder bile flush.

Ayurvedic Guide to The Best Sleep of Your Life

This easy-to-read, colorful guide will become your go-to bedside resource for sleep.

Those of us who struggle with getting a good night’s rest will try just about anything. Sedatives, be they herbal or pharmaceutical, may only sedate an already sedated or exhausted person—offering short-term, symptomatic relief at best.

Going far beyond the classic Ayurvedic recommendation, “Early to bed, early to rise,” this eBook shares overlooked practices for deep, restorative sleep, and guides you through blissful body-mind rituals for all phases of night and day.

Short Home Cleanse

Short Home Cleanse (SHC) was designed for those who would like a taste of our 14-day Colorado Cleanse, and for those looking for a quick and easy digestive reset and lymph flush. This Ayurveda-style 4-day cleanse is gentle, safe, and nourishing.

Daily Routine

  • 3 Ayurvedic whole herb formulas to facilitate deeper detox, move lymph, and balance digestion.
  • Non-fat diet of nourishing organic kitchari: split yellow mung dahl beans and white basmati rice. Three meals per day is recommended.
  • Targeted hydration protocols and stress-relieving practices.
  • Gentle laxative therapy on Day 4 to help remove loosened toxins and waste from cells.

Protein Solution

It seems there are as many theories about protein as there are weeks in the year.

Some say you need more, claiming it will increase energy, activate fat-burning, and stave off hunger. Others say you need less, claiming too much protein can be detrimental to your health.

In this eBook, I shed light on what you need to know about protein by presenting a combination of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and modern science.


  • Why Does Protein Matter So Much?
  • How Do I Tell if I am Protein Deficient?
  • How Much Do I Really Need?
  • What are the Best Sources of Protein?
  • When is it Best to Eat Protein?
  • What are the Best Ways to Cook with Protein?

Dr. John’s Guide to Taking Herbs

Are you taking a few herbs and supplements?

Once you’ve figured out which herb to take, let’s focus on how to adjust when and how you take them. This will help quickly boost their positive impact on your well-being.

I created this fast and easy-to-read eBook to help you get the most out of your herbs.


  • How Long to Take an Herb
  • When to Stop an Herb
  • Dosages
  • When is the Best Time to Take Herbs?
  • Effect of Life Changes on Your Herbal Plan
  • Powder, Tablets, or Capsules?
  • Trouble Swallowing Pills?

Ayurvedic Weight Balancing

Does your weight feel out of control? Are you overwhelmed by competing weight loss promises, supplements, and programs marketers bombard you with?

For over 20 years, I have helped patients lose weight naturally and effortlessly with this 4-Step Ayurvedic Weight Balancing System. This eBook lays out the original Ayurvedic intermittent fasting technique.

You will also receive a 1-hour mp3 audio course and an overview tip sheet.

Blood Sugar Secrets for Health + Longevity

You may be well aware of the prediabetes epidemic experts say will affect all adult Americans in the next ten years, but I wonder if you are really aware of the hidden sugars in many so-called “health foods.”

My Blood Sugar Awareness video, along with this eBook, are efforts to raise blood sugar awareness and inspire you to stave off havoc that sugar wreaks on the brain, skin, cells, heart, gut, joints, and more.

In this eBook, I teach you how to take responsibility for your blood sugar health in both the short- and long-term.


  • Is Your “Healthy” Diet Really Healthy?
  • The Truth about Sweeteners – Natural and Artificial
  • Small Steps to Sweet Freedom

I would love to read your comments: What do you think of our eBooks and what eBooks would you like to see in the future?

Thank you for visiting LifeSpa.com, where we publish cutting-edge health information combining Ayurvedic wisdom and modern science. If you are enjoying our free content, please visit our Ayurvedic Shop on your way out and share your favorite articles and videos with your friends and family.

Dr. John

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  1. I’m trying to download your ebooks, but when I submit my name and email I get this message, “Sorry, we could not accept your submission at this time. Please try again.”
    I’ve been a subscriber to your newsletters for a couple of years.

    • Hi Kerry,

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will get this sent over to our web developer to see if they can get it resolved.

      This has happened from time to time in my experience, so my first suggestion would be to try the download again and from another device, if possible. If another device is not possible, please try clearing your “cookies” before trying the download again.

      Should that not work for you, please reach out to info@lifespa.com and let them know you spoke with me here (so they don’t also send this to our web developer), what you tried, and see if they can eMail the eBooks to you directly.

      LifeSpa Staff

    • Hi Kiki,

      It really depends on where you are currently. Read through the Safe Liver + Gallbladder eBook and the Short Home Cleanse eBook and see which one feels right for you. Alternatively, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. John to help you develop a wellness plan.

      LifeSpa Staff


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