Best Ayurvedic Herbs for a Lymphatic System Cleanse

Best Ayurvedic Herbs for a Lymphatic System Cleanse

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The Body’s New Organ

The lymphatic system, the largest circulatory system in the body, has been under-investigated for years, due to difficulty measuring its flow. The good news is that we learn more every day about the purpose and function of lymph.

In a new study in Scientific Reports, doctors identified what they think may be the body’s 80th organ: the interstitium, a widespread network of connective tissue surrounding nearly every organ system. It is mostly found surrounding the digestive and respiratory systems and under the skin.

Previously thought of as simply dense connective tissue, researchers discovered interstitium is actually a series of interconnected fluid-filled sacs. According to the study, the interstitial space is the primary source of lymph and a major fluid compartment for the body.

Stay tuned for more on the new and exciting lymph-interstitium connection!

What Does Lymph Do?

  1. It is a detox system, nutrient delivery system, and home of the immune system.7 Life cannot exists without it.
  2. It delivers fats as fuel for in-between-meal energy, in the form of triglycerides.6,7 When not functioning optimally, this is a major cause of fatigue.
  3. Any proteins and fats too large to enter the bloodstream go undigested into the stomach and small intestine, where they are picked up and processed by the lymph. This is directly linked to weight gain.8
  4. It drains waste from every cell and organ in the body, including the heart and digestive system.7
  5. It provides an immune detox defense for any toxins passing through the intestines, skin, respiratory tract, and more.7
  6. It is vulnerable to formation of scar tissue and distortion as we age, much like the cardiovascular system.11
  7. It drains three pounds of plaque and other toxins from the brain each year.9
  8. Poor lymph drainage from the brain and central nervous system has been linked to psychological, cognitive, and immune concerns.9
  9. The lymphatic system moves primarily via muscular contractions or exercise. Lack of regular exercise can congest lymph.7

Cleansing the Lymphatic System

Keeping our lymphatic system or “drains” clean is critical to optimal health and longevity. Ayurveda linked the lymphatic system to optimal health and longevity thousands of years ago, and also discussed the importance of detoxifying it.

There are many strategies to keep lymph healthy, but in the West, as a result of years of processed foods, environmental toxins, comfort foods, and lack of exercise, lymph has become severely congested in many people.

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Lymph Cleanse

For the reasons above, I developed a unique formula designed to boost and detoxify the lymphatic system, called Lymph Cleanse.

I have found many people need a 2-3 month lymph cleansing, scrubbing boost to get lymph up to optimal function. Herbs like manjisthabrahmi, and our Lymph-Vein HP are powerful for lymph, but do not provide that deep lymph scrubbing or cleansing many folks need.

Lymph Cleanse is best taken for 2-3 months (any time of year) to thoroughly detox the lymphatic system.

It combines five powerful time-tested, lymph-cleansing herbs: red root, ocotillo bark, ginger root, stillingia, and astragalus. Below, I describe the reasons I chose these herbs.

Top 5 Lymph Herbs

  1. Red root is a bitter and astringent herb to cleanse and decongest the lymphatic system. It works best for congested lymph and to offset age-related accumulation of fibrous tissue, which can compromise optimal function. For sleepiness and heaviness after meals, mild swelling of extremities, and reduced digestive fire, red root scrubs the intestinal lymphatic-collecting ducts that deliver fats and proteins to the blood and supports healthy and efficient drainage.1,13
  2. Ocotillo stem: Extracts of this shrub are traditionally used by Native tribes of the Southwestern United States as a lymph de-stagnator and to support lymphatic detox.2
  3. Stillingia root: Also called queen’s root, stillingia is indicated for a congested lymphatic system and mucus membranes.2
  4. Astragalus is a rejuvenating scrub for lymph, particularly beneficial for skin-associated lymphatic tissue (SALT) and as a powerful boost for the immune system.3,4 When the lymphatic system is congested or toxic, the immune system is stuck in traffic. This can result in hypersensitivity reactions all over the body
  5. Ginger root is called the universal spice in Ayurveda. It provides a natural scrub to the lacteals or collecting ducts of the intestines, and a natural boost and cleanse to the lymphatic system as a whole.5

Learn more about the lymphatic system and Ayurveda in my free Miracle of Lymph eBook.

How is your lymph doing? Let us know! I hope you get to know these Lymph Cleanse plants as your lymph allies.

If you’d like to go even deeper into holistic lymph cleansing, check out my 6-Step Lymph Cleanse Kit.

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