How to Rid Your Body of Pesticides

How to Rid Your Body of Pesticides

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Organic Foods

How much difference does going organic really make?

In a pilot study by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, scientists set out to discover the effects of eating only organic food. They wanted to measure the amount of pesticide that accumulates in the body from conventional foods, and if that residue would change when eating organic foods.1, 2

Over three weeks, they tested a family of five in Sweden (two adults and three children, aged three, 10, and 12) who did not eat much organic food, but were interested in organic foods. They measured the concentrations of 12 commonly-used pesticide residues in their urine before and after the switch.

This is what the three weeks looked like:

  • Week One: The family ate their standard, conventional diet. Eight urine samples per person were taken.
  • Weeks Two and Three: The family ate all organic. Eight more urine samples per person were taken.

Before the study, all of their personal hygiene products were organic and environmentally friendly, but during the study, they switched detergents from conventional to organic. The results, albeit from a pilot study, were phenomenal. The amount of pesticide in the urine was reduced by a whopping 6.7x when they switched from conventional to organic.

Note: The amount of each pesticide residue discovered during the conventional diet was still well within the ADI (acceptable daily intake) as determined by the Swedish Parliament, but these standards are set for the accumulation of only one pesticide. Accumulation of multiple pesticides, as seen in this study, has yet to be evaluated—a major shortcoming in current ADI levels.

Full Disclosure: It should be stated that the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute was commissioned by Coop Sverige AB (a Swedish Grocery Chain) to conduct this study. Coop sponsored this study to motivate folks to eat organic. It sure worked for me!

To fully appreciate the effects of this study, notice the before and after graphs below, measuring changes in pesticide residue.

A host of other studies illustrate the negative effect that consuming foods with pesticides, and even mere exposure to pesticides, can have on our health.3-10

Toxins Store in Fat Cells

We must also consider that if a certain amount of pesticide is releasing through our urine, how much of these pesticides are stored in our fat cells? A great way to cleanse your fat cells of years of accumulated toxins is through a cleanse with ghee. Studies show that cleansing with ghee can oleate (or pull) toxins and pesticides out of fat cells.11-13

Consider the 14-day Colorado Cleanse or 4-Day Short Home Cleanse as great ways to help keep yourself protected from the damaging effects of stored toxins.

Tell us: do you feel a difference when you eat organic versus conventional food?

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

lifespa image, pesticides in urine graph 1 father

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