Cleansers Weigh In – It’s Not Too Late To Cleanse!

Cleansers Weigh In – It’s Not Too Late To Cleanse!

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The Colorado Cleanse

While spring is an opportune time to cleanse, I always say the best time to cleanse is when you have the time to relax and not stress through the process. For lots of folks, late spring and summer are perfect times to cleanse. In that light, I thought I would share some of the results and reports from our most recent Colorado Cleanse.

Every year, we conduct a survey before the cleanse begins and then another at the end of the cleanse. Below are the results from our most recent post-cleanse survey:

  • 58% of cleansers said they had a reduction in fatigue
  • 64% of cleansers said they had a reduction in belly fat
  • 49% said they had a reduction in bloating and gas
  • 47% said they had a reduction in cravings
  • 25% said they had a reduction in pain and stiffness that moves around the body
  • 35% said they dropped 1-5 pounds
  • 47% said they dropped 6-10 pounds

Below are some great testimonials from the Spring 2015 Group Cleanse. All responses are anonymous and have not been edited. Individual results may vary and can be more or less than the results mentioned.

“This time I felt that the cleanse was more about going inwards for me. I had to take a look at things in my life that were no longer serving me and become aware of them. This increased my energy flow all around. I have also become MUCH MORE in synch with the nature cycle…going to bed shortly after dark and getting up around daybreak.”

“My cravings have decreased significantly! I feel I have renewed awareness about the quantity and quality of food I am ingesting.”

“The 3 season diet has changed my life. I have been trying to do the right thing for a long time. This regime is sensible, doable and gives me guidelines, not only for eating but for my garden planning. So that I have the seasonal foods in the season I need them. It all takes time, planning and is a most exciting journey.

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“The support and information available during the cleanse is phenomenal! Thank you very much.”

“I think this is a superb cleanse. I’ve done it twice now and I’m recommending it to others.”

“My results having completed my first Colorado Cleanse has been phenomenal!”

“Very happy with this start. I was feeling very stuck in a pattern of gaining weight. I have much to lose, but it feels great to be heading in the right direction.”

“It’s a well-oiled machine. 🙂 I can’t make any suggestions for improvements. I found the whole process slightly time consuming, yet it forced me to make time.”

“This was my first CC cleanse. I would not change anything. Can’t wait for the fall cleanse.”

“The guided experience was great and the staff very helpful and prompt in answering questions!”

“LOVE THE NEW GHEE! It has a sweet taste.”

“It was an excellent experience and I look forward to continuing eating healthier food especially more veggies – can’t wait to do fall cleanse. Thanks for all your motivation and guidance”

“Thank you for a wonderful life changing program. My greatest craving seems to be salt and fat. The ghee was awesome and has really helped the fat carving. I am still doing green and beet tonics and pretty much following the transition diet. The green apples are a habit and elimination is the best ever. Thank you again. The CC was not easy, but not hard, so many new things. I am really looking forward to the next CC. I will be more in tune. Thank you again so very much.”

“Thank you – this is my second straight cleanse with you and I really feel like the overall calm that I now experience is the best part of the post cleanse experience. Love that!”

“The support and information available during the cleanse is phenomenal! Thank you very much.”

“My results having completed my first Colorado Cleanse has been phenomenal! During these two weeks:

  • My cravings have gone away
  • I can eat three meals without snacking in between
  • My blood sugar has stabilized
  • I’m calmer
  • Have lost 7 lbs.
  • Inflammation has gone down
  • My face has depuffed
  • My skin is glowing
  • My arm muscles are once more defined
  • My hair is soft and shiny
  • Gas and bloating is basically gone

I’m sure I have left off a bunch of others things that I can’t physically see but will show up on my blood tests too. This is the only cleansing/detox that I’ve managed to be able to do without abandoning it or feeling like crap while on it. The first day when I started phase 2 (oleation) I felt calm and grounded–really present in my life and quietly observing my surroundings. It felt great. I didn’t do the hardcore version of just kicharee and did the nourish and that was the best suggestion for me due to my sugar issues. I didn’t get stressed for not doing everything according to the protocol, remembering what you reiterated to me about taking it easy this time around and I still got SO much out of this experience. I didn’t have the energy to do the exercise part of it but loved my daily abhyanga and will do it for the rest of my life. This month I’m going to start the yoga and 12-minute workout and work on my sleep. I can’t thank you and Dr. Douillard enough for this wonderful and life-changing program.” -P.N.

You can do our Anytime Colorado Cleanse whenever your schedule allows! The Anytime Cleanse is self-guided and you can start any time of the year.

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