LifeSpa’s Ayurvedic Self-Care Gift Guide

LifeSpa’s Ayurvedic Self-Care Gift Guide

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Give the Gift of Self-Care this Holiday Season

Finding the right gift can be hard. What better way to say ‘I love you’ than giving the tools of self-care to someone you cherish? Below, find the perfect present for each special someone in your life. Or, make sure you’re stocked up for your own self-care in the new year. We know you deserve it too!

Ayurvedic Gifts for Cooks

Ayurvedic Gifts for Cooks

Give the gift of Ayurvedic cooking to help your loved ones feel well-nourished. These five items are great starters to introduce family and friends to Ayurvedic spices, staples, and seasonal eating.

1. 3-Season Diet

Dr. John Douillard breaks down how to eat the way nature intended in his book the 3-Season Diet. Tapping into natural circadian rhythms and harvest cycles can help you balance weight, beat unhealthy cravings, and get and stay fit… sounds like a good way to kick off New Year’s resolutions to us!

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2. Organic Chayawanprash

This iconic, bittersweet superfood is perfect for making holiday cookies, and simply by the spoonful. A powerful blend of Ayurvedic herbs, amalaki fruit, and more, chyawanprash packs a potent immunity punch.

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3. Six Tastes Spice

LifeSpa’s convenient and delicious blend of cumin, turmeric, coriander, fennel, sea salt, cinnamon, green mango powder, fenugreek, ginger, and cayenne cover all of Ayurveda’s six tastes (pungent, bitter, sweet, astringent, salty, and sour) and makes for a delicious one-stop spice for kitchari—a classic combo of lentils and rice.

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4. Cultured Ghee

LifeSpa Cultured Ghee is made from 100% organic butter (cultured) from grass fed, American raised, loved and cherished cows. Sustainably produced in a solar powered kitchen using traditional Ayurvedic Methods.

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5. Organic Mung Dahl Beans

Speaking of kitchari, Ayurveda’s go-to food for cleansing and detox, LifeSpa’s pre-packaged organic mung dahl beans make cooking this nourishing stew easy, giving you the option to add rice, quinoa, or no grains at all! Anyone getting into Ayurvedic cooking should start here.

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Ayurvedic Gifts for Athletes

Ayurvedic Gifts for Athletes

Keep the active folks in your life well-nourished and pain-free with these five tools for releasing muscle tension, reducing inflammation, and staying the course!

1. Body, Mind, and Sport

Dr. John Douillard is a consummate athlete and a former Director of Player Development for the New Jersey Nets NBA team. His book Body, Mind, and Sport provides mind-body guidance for lifelong health, fitness, and optimal performance.

Shop for Body, Mind, and Sport

2. Turmeric Plus

Help runners, hikers, and bikers reduce inflammation with Turmeric Plus—a proprietary blend of whole turmeric root and black pepper for enhanced bioavailability and absorption. Bonus: Turmeric is also great for supporting mood, cognition, and respiratory health.

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3. Testosterone Boost

This combination of shilajit and Malaysian ginseng is designed to support vitality and general physical and mental well-being in men and women. Who isn’t looking for more vitality?

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4. Tri-Doshic Massage Oil

Daily hot oil massage, called abyangha, can help the sorest athlete improve circulation, mood, and more, while also relieving tense muscles. A little oil will go a long way.

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5. Vyper 3.0

The Vyper 3 accelerates your warm-up, speeds recovery time, and keeps you moving
better. This award-winning device allows you to warm up, activate, and recover faster and more effectively than any other roller on the market.

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Ayurvedic Gifts for a Post-Holiday Detox

Ayurvedic Gifts for the Person in Your Life Who Needs a Detox

We all know someone who worked extra hard to bring folks together over the holidays, even when their own schedule was packed. To fit it all in, they may have skimped on self-care and nutrition, or found inspiration to keep going in another glass of wine (cheers!). And now they need to refresh and reset their digestive and emotional health. Look no further than LifeSpa’s home cleanse kit, prebiotics, and probiotics.

1. Gut Revival

The mind-body benefits of a healthy microbiome extend beyond better digestion to mood, immunity, longevity, and more! Give the gift of fundamental health with these longer-lasting probiotics.

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2. 4-Day Short Home Cleanse Kit

LifeSpa’s Short Home Cleanse is designed for busy folks. This easy four-day experience is the perfect reboot! The kit includes six packets of kitchari, one jar of ghee, manjistha, turmeric, and a digestive formula that matches your needs.

Shop for LifeSpa’s 4-Day Short Home Cleanse Kit

3. Slippery Elm Prebiotic Formula

Help your friends and family heal their intestinal health and watch them light up from the inside out. This soothing prebiotic tea is made from slippery elm bark, marshmallow root, and licorice root—ideal for sipping by the fire.

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Ayurvedic Gifts for Parents

Ayurvedic Gifts for Parents
Ayurvedic Gifts for Parents

Being a parent is hard any year, but this one (and last) proved especially challenging, with myriad changes, lingering pandemic problems, and even more time with everyone trying to work and go to school from home. Here, six gifts to help the moms and dads you know relax and recover.

1. Perfect Health for Kids

Written by LifeSpa Founder John Douillard, DC, CAP, the father of six children, this book offers up 10 invaluable Ayurvedic health secrets that every parent should know.

Shop for Perfect Health for Kids

2. Nasya Oil

This organic blend of Ayurvedic herbs and oils is used to support healthy sinuses, and in Ayurveda, it’s even used to clear out brain lymphatics. So, two benefits in one: clear sinuses and a clear head!

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3. Tulsi Holy Basil

Holy Basil has been used for centuries to promote immunity and stress resilience, support strength and stamina, and to enhance calm and clarity. What more could a parent ask for?

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4. Mucus Destroyer

There is no hiding the fact that kids can be snotty. Mucus Destroyer to the rescue! This proprietary herbal formula is designed to thin mucus, which can help alleviate symptoms of allergies, colds, and more, making life easier for everyone.

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5. Citrus C

Vitamin C is like parents—multi-tasking to make sure you’re taken care of. Its benefits are endless, from immune and antioxidant support to nurturing healthy metabolism and cognitive function.

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Ayurvedic Gifts for the Overworked and Burned Out

Gifts for People Who are Overworked and Burned Out

Help friends and family who work into the wee hours start anew with our all-natural Ayurvedic skin care set, plus herbs to help recharge, find sustainable energy, and boost brain power.

1. Garshana Gloves

Made of unbleached, raw silk, garshana gloves help exfoliate and circulate lymph—critical for healthy immunity and more! Starting a daily dry brushing ritual with garshana gloves can help anyone feel refreshed.

Shop for Garshana Gloves

2. Skin Care Set

This six-piece skin care set includes a mud mask, facial spritzer, facial moisturizer, skin serum, and body butter—all made with natural ingredients and without chemical preservatives or additives. Good for all skin types!

Shop for our Skin Care Set

3. B-12 Boost

B12 is the ultimate supplement for mind-body health. It synthesizes neurotransmitters that govern mood, energy, sleep, appetite, and motivation, while supporting heart and circulatory health.

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4. Neem Boost

Neem (Azadirachta indica) is traditionally called “queen of the skin.” This miraculous Ayurvedic herb does wonders for supporting outer skin and the internal digestive tract, as well as a healthy immune system.

Shop for Neem Boost

5. Adrenal Boost

This proprietary adaptogenic herbal formula is designed to support the nervous system and help the body replenish its depleted energy reserves. Good-bye exhaustion.

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Ayurvedic Gifts for the Stressed Out and Anxious

Ayurvedic Gifts for People Who are Stressed Out and Anxious
Ayurvedic Gifts for People Who are Stressed Out and Anxious

These are trying times, and, honestly, we could all use some rest and a nervous system reset. Here, five must-try Ayurvedic herbs, vitamins, and oils to foster true relaxation, especially as the days get shorter and winter sets in.

1. Lymphatic Massage Oil

LifeSpa Lymphatic Massage Oil is made with a blend of Ayurvedic herbs and oils that stimulate the skin and lymphatic system, helping create the conditions necessary for relaxation and healthy immunity.

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2. Liquid Sun Vitamin D3

Chances are your loved ones need a little more sunshine in their lives, especially as winter sets in. Liquid Sun Vitamin D3 mixes vitamin D and sunflower oil to increase absorption, so they get what they need to reclaim holistic health.

Shop for Liquid Sun Vitamin D3

3. Bergamot Amla Plus

Bergamot Amla Plus combines the antioxidant activity of bergamot (Citrus bergamia) with the tonifying superfruit of amla (Phyllanthus emblica). This dynamic duo can support cardiovascular health and balanced metabolism.

Shop for Bergamot Amla Plus

4. Winter Herb Kit

This five Ayurvedic herb kit, including LifeSpa’s Gentle Digest formula, Amalaki, Ashwagandha, Adrenal Boost, and Bacopa Boost, will help settle digestion, immunity, adrenal fatigue, stress, mood, and memory during the darker, colder days of winter, when vata easily becomes imbalanced.

Shop for our Winter Herb Kit

5. Happy Caps

Designed to support a healthy stress response and optimal cognitive ability, Happy Caps are a proprietary blend of five traditional herbs: bacopa, gotu kola (brahmi), shankpushpi, skullcap, and passionflower.

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Ayurvedic Gifts for the Sleep-Deprived

Ayurvedic Gifts for the Sleep-Deprived
Ayurvedic Gifts for the Sleep-Deprived

Whether you’re shopping for a parent, someone stressed, an overworked coworker, or all three, chance are they need some support for getting solid sleep. The five products here are designed to get us back into natural rhythms and feeling like ourselves again!

1. Sleep Balance Profile Test Kit

The Sleep Balance Profile test kit by ZRT Laboratory checks for melatonin, cortisone, and cortisol levels, helping your loved ones determine what lifestyle, diet, and supplements they may need for better sleep.

Shop for a Sleep Balance Profile Test

2. Ojas Nightly Tonic

Making golden milk has never been easier! A blend of organic dates, almonds, coconut, cardamom, ashwagandha, shatavari, turmeric, and saffron, Ojas Nightly Tonic can be mixed with milk and heated for instant calm.

Shop for Ojas Nightly Tonic

3. Sleep Easy

Sleep Easy is a proprietary blend of traditional Ayurvedic herbs that soothe, calm, and support the nervous system, allowing for a deep and restful sleep—without sedation.

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4. Brahmi-Brain

Named after one of the highest states of consciousness (Brahman or God consciousness), Brahmi Brain is one of the most powerful brain tonics in the Ayurvedic apothecary. It supports energy and mental clarity, while simultaneously encouraging deep, restful sleep.

Shop for Brahmi-Brain

5. Low-Dose Melatonin

Foster healthy circadian and sleep cycles with Low-Dose Melatonin—created to help us get back into natural rhythms of sleep based on ancient biological clocks.

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Ayurvedic Gifts for Wise Women

Ayurvedic Gifts for Wise Women
Ayurvedic Gifts for Wise Women

Mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts… they all deserve a little extra this holiday season. These five Ayurvedic herbs will help the strong and supportive women in your life feel the love.

1. Ferritin Boost

Supplemental iron can boost energy levels, and this form of it has higher bioavailability, lower toxicity, less food reactivity, less food interactions, and a longer shelf life than any other common form of iron. Perfect for women looking to stay strong this holiday season.

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2. Menopause Support

Menopause Support, made from seven Ayurvedic herbs, is used to foster a healthy reproductive system, nervous system, lymphatic system, liver, and spleen around menopause. It can also be used at any time during a woman’s life for healthy menstrual cycle support.

Shop for Menopause Support

3. Shatavari

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) is perhaps the most important herb for women in Ayurvedic. The word shatavari means “a woman with one hundred husbands,” hinting at the traditional use of this herb to support and tonify the female reproductive system. Shatavari has also long been used to support healthy nervous system and hormonal function.

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4. Bacopa Boost

Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri) was traditionally used to support memory, mood, and focus. Ayurveda maintains that the inability to focus is, at its core, an issue of stress-affected energy levels. We know how hard it can be to turn that around.

Shop for Bacopa Boost

5. Chaste Tee Berry

More female hormonal support! Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex agnus-castus) is used to balance estrogen and progesterone. Give the invaluable gift of balance!

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