We Are All One Tribe: Joining Together Makes Us Smarter

We Are All One Tribe: Joining Together Makes Us Smarter

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What is the future of the human race?

As the decades pass, humans are becoming ever more connected and interdependent. According to the Pew Research Center, we are all soon to become part of one multi-race.1,2 Studies suggest this trend will make the human race smarter, maybe as it has happened once before, even tripling the size of the average human brain. But first, let’s look at some of the population statistics. 


The white share of the US population has been dropping, from a little under 90% in 1950 to 60% in 2018. It is projected to drop below 50% in another 25 years, making minorities our majority.3 Today, less than half of children in America are white, making children of color the new and permanent majority.5 

The Pew Research Center reports that Black and Brown people make up 40% of the US population, and that percentage is rapidly growing. Between 2017 and 2018, the number of racial and ethnic minorities increased by about 1,271,000 people, while the white population declined by 257,000.1 

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In 2018, the average age of all racial and ethnic minorities in the US was 27, and the average age for whites was 58.1 Multiracial marriages quadrupled from 1980 to 2013, and multiracial birth rates have risen tenfold since 1970.2  Minorities accounted for 92% of US population growth between 2010 and 2018, with Latinos comprising just under half of the nation’s overall growth. 

The problem of race has plagued humans for thousands of years. As the US becomes less and less white, being of multiple races has become the norm. Today, most Americans get it, with 77% believing this trend is a very good or good thing for the country.4 

The Social Intelligence Theory 

In 1976, Nicholas Humphrey proposed that social dynamics were the main driver of intelligence. Instead of climate change, physical environment, or cooking, it was theorized that group living and social structures drove intelligence and larger brains.6 Small clans becoming tribes and eventually small communities caused brain size to triple. 

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More recently, a study on bird intelligence was performed. They studied 56 magpies in groups of three to twelve. They designed wooden and plastic boxes that required varying degrees of intelligence to open. Researchers found that the larger the size of the group, the more intelligent they were. This suggests that intelligence is linked to living in larger groups.6 

Humans have evolved from small family groups into larger clans, and then tribes.7 This suggests that the discovery of fire, hunting skills, meat consumption, fishing, and cooking may not have been the driver of our growing intelligence. Rather, the slow and steady growth of clan size and complicated social structure resulted in our remarkable intelligence and larger brains. 

So, Why Can’t We Get Along? 

Living communally depends on the members of the tribe living for and depending on one another.  

Today, our tribes take the form of races, ethnicities, clubs, religions, and political affiliations. Within the tribe, everyone is safe. Tribes work because every member—from the children to the elders—has an important role to play. These roles weave a social web that provokes creativity, intelligence, and, as we now know, larger brains. 

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Within the walls of your tribe, you are safe and accepted. When we venture out of our tribe, we find ourselves judging the others or trying to convert folks from one club or religion to another. 

It is time to realize that, on this relatively small planet flying through the universe, we are all one tribe. We have the right to feel safe as a member of this human tribe. Each of us live for and depend on one another, and every one of us has an important role to play for the good of the tribe as a whole. 

Instead of looking for reasons to convert, judge, or attack the beliefs of one clan, race, political party, or religion, it’s time to accept each clan as a part of a much greater tribe—planet Earth’s human multi-race. 

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This article was originally published on Elephant Journal.

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Dr. John


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15 thoughts on “We Are All One Tribe: Joining Together Makes Us Smarter”

    • Yes, it does take courage to imply that the world would be far better off if all those black people could be “lightened up” by mixing with whites and Asians.

      • With all due respect Samia, I don’t think this article “implies” what you are assuming, but rather that the overall trend toward racial intermixing is enriching us all. As it surely has for me and my family, personally.

        • Is everything about your and your family’s own personal enrichment? You apparently don’t identify with any particular “tribe”, do you. Try taking that argument to nonwhites, anywhere. They’ll make short work of you.

  1. In healthy body, healthy mind is saying in EuroAsia. Here in US: in healthy mind, healthy body?
    With polluted toxic environment? And US type “media”, winner takes all? Liver is love. Even in old TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine), is recognized, that aggressive people have problems with liver. Liver with over 500 functions. Today modern liver tests are actually made 1955. Only updated with german GGT test around 1971, if I remember correctly. School medicine doesn’t want to go there. Why to kill “ Golden Goose”? So many Billions to be made everyday, fixing downstream symptoms.
    With pills mostly. And make profession complicated, expensive, with parting the body in pieces, not connected with each other. Of course, order “custom science” to fixate on your profits. And push custom censored Internet. I think “ they” are going to add more Fluoride in drinking water, in this quasi “Power Shift” happening , and rob the rest from what isn’t printed. Pollute “folk” livers and brains. Evolve them from slaves to cattle in slow cooking pot. Geez, do we need second coming to give us right unselfish education?
    Smart countries learn from other countries mistakes, not from their own. Mind toxins now, and body starvation later?

  2. Hi John, I get the gist of what you’re trying to say- that we all need to live together, accept each other’s differences and get along but maybe the section about the brain size could have been left out of your essay. It touches too closely to the old European theory that bigger brains (in white folks) are better. We all are familiar with the theories Europeans had–that people of color had smaller brains than them. I don’t think that’s what you intended. It might have been a better, less offensive essay to leave out the section about the white European author on the Social Intelligence Theory. It would have upset fewer people.

    • In my humble experience, cleanse the Liver, and you as a whole, will regain the empathy.
      In this ubertoxic world, you don’t awake by adding up, but to separate from corporations and you own Illusions. I guess, it is easier for fish to see in clean water? Liver will stop detox, if it is attacked mentally, physically or with long stress. And then physical grudge is left, to guide you thru new experiences. I am not religious, but 10 commandments should calm nation livers, both inside and outside borders. Who needs empire?

  3. Define “smarter.” It’s one thing to take in information dumps in short bursts that don’t resonate or provide enough time to respond effectively to the information. It’s another thing to go along with the herd mentality. What good is a mountain of information if it’s neither being assimilated or responded to effectively, so we default to just rapidly following the herd? I’m also seeing very clearly that our brain plasticity is quickly adapting to the Information Age, in that, attention spans are shot. People are not able to concentrate for as long as they used to. Memory is worse. The computers are doing the memorizing for us. And Artificial Intelligence is really dangerous. The AI makes the decision for us. Clans or no clans. Diversification or no diversification. The bigger problem is how we are training our brains. Plasticity is more volatile than we think, and it’s a key factor to humanity’s survival. We are riding a slippery slope, people. A very slippery slope.

  4. Thanks for your comments Dr. John. In my view, our present state of chronic, mounting dysfunction as a species cannot possibly resolve until we clearly grasp how consciousness, like every other intelligent process, is a homeostasic interplay, a co-operative blend, of the opposite functions of sensing and reacting, input and output, unconditioned awareness and the ordered conditioning from past experience–opposites which MUST be continually returned to balance, more or less.. For example, reading these words involves on the one hand directly sensing (freshly, in the now) the differences between the letters while simultaneously interpreting what they mean, from memory; note how overdoing of one means underdoing of the other, and whichever that is reading stops cold. So homeostasis is not limited to physiology, it’s an immutable law of intelligence generally that, when chronically violated in any way, immediately and inevitably leads to derangements of mind and body, of all kinds and degrees. Since humans (understandably) chronically overvalue abstract, past-based structures of knowledge (such as cultural and personal beliefs) while undervaluing the native cerebral sensitivity out of which those structures were derived in the first place, our naturally corrective “negative feedback” is powerfully blocked and we become trapped in the viscious cycles of reactivity (like unchallenged presumptions) run amok–in a word, mounting stress–that the conditioned mind is literally incapable of truly resolving on its own. When this simple, logical fact is not directly, deeply and clearly understood–as it presently is not, wide scale–then belonging to any tribe is a double edged sword, as much a source of xenophobic confusion and authoritarian excess as of “security”.
    John, there is much more to this. It’s been my core topic of study for 40 some years, and it’s enough out of the box that it can only be properly considered thru direct conversation. “Dharma combat”–I welcome your push back–is the best way to transfer this perspective, and in that process
    communally hone it beyond what a single, lone mind is capable of. If you’d care to join me, I am actually going to be in Denver soon. Or feel free to contact me otherwise, anytime. In any case, your own work richly complements the homeostatic framework of reality, our true framework, which is 100% independent of beliefs, absolutely based in science and therefore verifiable through one’s own experiments with their own consciousness.
    Warmest wishes

  5. Nice, thanks Dr.John!
    I think that after Corona will go away, everything will fall back to what it was before.
    Spanish Flu lasted two years, and after it was gone, the world kept going, as nothing has happened.
    This time next year Corona will be gone, and the vaccine mafia will have billions of $$$ in their pockets, and the world will be back to what is it was at the end of 2019.


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