Why Do Kids Make Mucus For a Living?

kids make mucus girl blowing nose imageWe all know that kids are really good at making mucus. Excess mucus can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses that can keep your kids coming back for yet another cold!Let’s find out why they make mucus and what we can do to stop it.

1. Children do not have very strong digestive systems, which is why they get tummy aches more frequently. Their digestion is just not strong enough to fully digest the heavy and hard-to-digest adult foods we feed them. The result: the foods irritate, and they make lots and lots of mucus.

2. They are in the mucus-making time of their lives. Children between 1 and 16 years old are in the kapha life cycle. The kapha principle has all the qualities of spring. It is wet, heavy and congestive. So, kids at this time of life will naturally make lots of mucus.

3. Kids crave the worst foods. Even though they are in the mucus making time of life, they still crave nothing but mucus-making foods. A diet of mac ˜n cheese, pizza, and shakes is laden with heavy, hard-to-digest, mucus-making properties that would congest even the best digesters.

4. All of the above factors are compounded if you have a child with a kapha or “spring” body type that is constitutionally heavy, damp and congestive.

The Perfect Storm

1. You have a kid with a mucus-making constitution (kapha body type).
2. They are in the mucus-making time of their life (kapha life cycle).
3. They regularly eat mucus-making foods, such as mac ˜n cheese and pizza.
4. It is spring”mucus-making (kapha) season.

Understanding Nature

Nature harvests leafy greens, not mac ˜n cheese, in the spring.See our spring harvested grocery list.

Kids in the kapha time of life are born to run, constantly move and be active. See my articles on breathing and exercise.

Understanding their body type can tip you off on which foods will aggravate them and produce more mucus. Take our body type quiz.

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