Episode 10: Love, Sex and Yoga

Love, sex and yoga: transforming our approach to them holds a key to healing old wounds and retraining the neural patterns that run our lives. But how do we connect this ancient wisdom to our modern cultures and lives? Join me on this one-hour journey into some of the most intriguing and life-changing corners of Ayurvedic psychology.

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Air Date: June 9, 2014
Playtime: 1:06:26
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Ojas Builders Mentioned on Call:

Sex can use and/or deplete ojas according to Ayurveda. Ojas is the end product of 30 days of subtle digestion. Reproductive tissue like the sperm and ovum are converted into ojas when they are in excess. Ojas is vitality, longevity and immunity fluid according to Ayurveda.

neanderthal gene shatavari imageShatavari (Asparagus racemosus) is perhaps the most important herb for women in the Ayurvedic herbal apothecary. The word Shatavari means “a woman with one hundred husbands, hinting at the traditional use of this herb to support and tonify the female reproductive system.LS_Add_to_Cart_Button


OJAS_clear_340X340Ojas Nightly Tonic: According to Ayurveda, chronic or excessive stress depletes a precious substance in the body called ojas (OH-jas). When ojas is depleted, either from lack of sleep, poor digestion, or excessive activity, the body may break down. To rebuild ojas, drink one cup of the Ojas Nightly Tonic per day.LS_Add_to_Cart_Button


Ashwagandha_plastic_340X340_whiteAshwagandha, (withania somnifera), also known as Winter Cherry, is becoming a favorite adaptogen with many Western herbalists because of its unique properties. Translated, it means “the sweat or strength of ten horses,” alluding to its deeply nourishing and stabilizing properties. LS_Add_to_Cart_Button



Perfect Health For Kids bookcoverPerfect Health for Kids (paperback, 367 pages)unveils little-known secrets every parent should know, including ways to help you treat your kids proactively—while they’re healthy—to prevent colds, earaches, and even the flu weeks before these ailments actually show up. Using time-tested and scientifically proven Ayurvedic principles, you can do more than just treat symptoms; you can get to the root cause of childhood weight gain, ADD, asthma, allergies, tummy aches, and more.LS_Add_to_Cart_Button


Resource: Joan Harrigan’s book called Kundalini Vidya the Science of Spiritual Transformation


Ojas Builders Not Mentioned on Call:


Coconut Oil


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